Sir Ranas

aka The Legendary Frog Knight

  • I live in In The Legendary Frog Kingdom
  • I was born on December 13
  • My occupation is Being a Frog
  • I am The greatest frog ever!
  • Sir Ranas

    I've decided to list characters I find most usefull in the fire mblem games, as well as ones I don't like here, please be polite if you wanna respond, it works for me so I'm sorry if I "diss" your favorite unit, no sarcasm intended. I've mixed in some units from Sacred Stones as well so don't get confused. MOST USEFUL: -PoR 1.Oscar (my favorite unit, when I give him sol he is one of my best units, and his speed is wicked, first unit I change class, wich happens after Greil dies usually, and I always give him a seraph robe once he changes class) 2. Titania (one of the few starting paladins in the games I've played that's not worthless at the end) 3. Ike (I use wrath vantage and miracle against black knight instead of aether, he's strong eno…

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