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    Fire Emblem World cup, is now in version 0.1.1

    This means there is 1 single-player campaign mission. The ability to PvP in real-time, or challenge people while offline (against AI)

    For those who don't know what FE:WC is, it's a complete fan-made Fire Emblem game that I'm building in my spare time.

    For a full list of features, visit the newly-overhauled site and check it out.

    The current version is not complete. It aims to be out of demo status at version 1.0, so there's still a lot to go.

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    Fire Emblem World Cup

    February 5, 2012 by Sylvanelite

    If anyone doesn't know who I am, I'm an admin on the Zoids Wikia. I also played Shadow Dragon's WiFi battles a lot. Chances are if you've played it, I've battled you.

    In fact, that's what this blog post is about. I liked Fire Emblem so much (and in particular the multiplayer battles) I decided to make my own.

    You can see my other blog posts made a very long time ago, well here's a new (still a "demo" version) that's much better than the previous ones:

    If you don't want to muck about with account and team setup, jump right in to the game here:

    There's only something like 1 working level at the moment.

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    So I'm making a Fire Emblem clone that runs in web browsers. Coding it all from scratch. I put some of the details in my earlier blog post.

    This new version, while miles away from completion, shows some of the groundwork I've done since the last post.

    The system now supports online matchmaking. It's possible to vs people through this game.

    Right now, it's buggy and only 1 class is finished (myrmidon). But it does work for the most part.

    I'll keep working on it and see what it becomes.

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    Javascript FE

    September 23, 2010 by Sylvanelite


    So, an update. You can now make upload your own maps for submission and play them, or play maps that other people make!

    Hmm what to write here? Well, this is something I've coded in the past few days. Basically its a semi-clone of Fire Emlbem that's playable in a web browser. It's nowhere near finished, but it's got all the necessary bits for me to show it off XD

    The controls are up,down,left,right and space.

    Unlike Fire Emblem, which has A and B buttons, this game works with just the spacebar. There are cancel menus and stuff so that you can get around not having a B button. But it might take a bit of getting used to.

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