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  • TheMysteriousGeek

    I've been wanting to ask a question for a while, how do you get the information about the games that were not released outside of Japan (I.e. FE 1-6 and FE 12)? Are there really detailed sections on Serenes forest or are there any other websites?

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  • TheMysteriousGeek

    Fire Emblem 3ds

    February 11, 2012 by TheMysteriousGeek

    (Sorry, I cannot spell the Japenese name 1st)

    I found some info about the new Fire Emblem Game on the onm website, so I'm going to copy and paste the info 4 the site.

    Krom has been officially confirmed as the main character in the new Fire Emblem 3DS game. Called Fire Emblem: Awakening, the new Nintendo strategy game will be released in Japan for 3DS on April 19th. The subtitle refers to two sleeping dragons. One is a sacred ally of mankind while the other is its sworn destroyer. Two heroes are marked with the symbols of the dragons and their meeting heralds the dragons' awakening and the world's ending. Krom, the prince of Iris, seems to be one of these heros. He's been officially confirmed as one of the game's two main characters. Of the …

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