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    You all know that, in Fire Emblem: Awakening, there is a massive amount of space to maximize the potential of children characters, such as Morgan and Lucina. The first thing to know is this: the higher the parent's stats, the higher the children's starting stats will be. But what you may not know is how exactly to reach the best standards for all of them. From my perspective, the following are the best strategies for each character:

    Lucina is the daughter of Chrom. However, her potential mothers come from the following five: the Avatar (if she is female), Sully, Sumia, Maribelle, and Olivia (or a default Maiden if Chrom does not marry any of these, but she does not offer as much as the other five).

    The Avatar can pretty much pass anything…

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    Since Kakusei is about 6-15 months from localization, I may as well take a look at some of the elements of the game and unravel them. The first thing to note are the ridiculously high number of skills, some of them poorly named. It may seem like the game might be too easy from this aspect, along with the high maximum stats, but the base stats and growth rates appear to prove otherwise. Here is a rough calculation of stats for both Chrom and Mariabell:

    Krom: Level 20/20 Great Lord)

    • HP: 59
    • Str: 35
    • Mag: 5
    • Skl: 34
    • Spd: 34
    • Luck: 33
    • Def: 28
    • Res: 14
    • Skills: Dual Attack+, Charisma, Aether, Royal Weapon

    Mariabell Level 20/20 Valkyrie (Left)/ Battle Cleric (right)

    • HP: 45.7/50.7
    • Str: 7.6/12.6
    • Mag: 29.8
    • Skl: 25
    • Spd: 28/26 (and her caps are supposed to be 43/41. How …

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    I just to announce that I will be out all week, starting on Sunday (although I might check in here tomorrow morning). I will resume editing when I come back July 8th. Good bye, and do not get criticalled while I am gone!

    Sayonara, Thenewguy34.

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    I want to tell everybody here that I will have two weeks in the summer when I will not be able to continue my editing on the wiki. The two weeks are the following:

    • The first week of July. - Although I can technically still reach the wiki, my internet capabilities are reduced, and I will therefore be busy watching the wikis I administer (i.e. Golden Sun Wiki) in case any spam or vandalism occurs. So I will be too busy to be here.
    • A week that has yet to be revealed during August or Late July. - I probably will not be even trying to get online, because the internet connection in that area is horrible. In fact, the internet connection is so terrible, it is not even funny. Once I find out the week, I will probably tell Otherarrow beforehand.

    I j…

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    In the past, I've noticed that the weapon articles were not complete, and I had to fill in a lot of the pages. However, I do not want this to happen again, where most of the Kakusei weapons data is missing in 2013. Therefore, I ask that people start adding weapons data- such data can be found here. Please start adding the weapon data for swords and lances, since that is most of what is already on SF. --Thenewguy34 20:08, April 20, 2012 (UTC)

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