You all know that, in Fire Emblem: Awakening, there is a massive amount of space to maximize the potential of children characters, such as Morgan and Lucina. The first thing to know is this: the higher the parent's stats, the higher the children's starting stats will be. But what you may not know is how exactly to reach the best standards for all of them. From my perspective, the following are the best strategies for each character:


Lucina is the daughter of Chrom. However, her potential mothers come from the following five: the Avatar (if she is female), Sully, Sumia, Maribelle, and Olivia (or a default Maiden if Chrom does not marry any of these, but she does not offer as much as the other five).


The Avatar can pretty much pass anything from a female class to Lucina, but should the Avatar not be an option, the other four offer some cool things to look at as well. In trade for Swordfaire, Sumia will give Lucina the ability to acquire both Pavise and Aegis, which can both abuse Rightful King very well, as well as Galeforce and Luna for offensive power.


Olivia can give Lucina the ability to acquire both Swordfaire and Lancefaire, which is indeed quite useful, considering that Lucina's promoted class uses both Swords and Lances. Access to Galeforce, Astra, and Lethality (combine with Rightful King) also helps. The problem? In order for Chrom to marry Olivia, he must form no other supports with any other female characters he can potentially marry and be able to have met the criteria to have Chrom and Olivia be able to C support by the time Chapter 11, the chapter Olivia is recruited, is finished. This is very difficult in practice because of how Gangrel, the boss in that chapter, actually moves, meaning without a Seed of Trust, you may need to restart the chapter multiple times to make sure you got the appropriate cut scene after the Chapter is completed. However, it is worth it for not just Lucina but also Inigo, getting access to a large palette of skills that they can both abuse to considerable extent.


Maribelle as a mother is an interesting choice. Although the maximum stat modifier for defense will drop by 3, and by 1 for strength, she is the only mother that can allow Lucina to go into the Dark Knight class, for those who would be interested in having Lucina know a little bit of Magic. Lucina would still be able to use Swords, which can be useful with her personal, unbreakable weapon in the Parallel Falchion, but Lucina can also use magic, and Maribelle can pass down Tomefaire to help Lucina deal more damage with magic.


If Sully is mother, then Lucina can grab Swordfaire for more sword damage, but Lucina can go into the Wyvern Rider class and acquire the skills in Swordbreaker and Lancebreaker, which can give Lucina the power to take down seasoned sword and lance units (this becomes more distinctly useful against tougher enemies, like in Lunatic Mode, against Streetpass teams, or Double Duel, but it is still useful regardless), such as Swordmasters and Paladins. Do not forget that Lucina can receive Lethality from Sully, and since Lucina can get Rightful King on her own, it is definitely something to consider. You should definitely look into some of these strategies for Lucina, as she has a good deal of potential.


Miriel, Laurent's mother, is the first vanilla Mage accessible to the player in the game, though admittedly the Avatar can also use Tomes at that point in the game. Miriel defined the classic mage, possessing solid offensive magical stats while having pitiful strength and being physically frail (though admittedly, her HP growth is unusually solid for a Mage). Laurent stands as a potential upgrade for Miriel, being able to keep the same strong stats Miriel had, but having the opportunity to have better strength and defense, which makes the Dark Knight class a much more solid option. The only issue is his speed being a bit shaky, and not having many solid parent options outside of the Avatar due to being magically inclined, though depending on how late you recruit Laurent, both his strength and

Lifetaker essentially does the same thing (restore Laurent's health), but if you want Renewal Miriel can pass it down due to having access to the Troubadour class line, but more often than not you will want to pass down Tomefaire so Laurent does not have to get it himself.


Lon'qu is not magically inclined, but he does give Laurent the avenue of accessing Swordfaire, which is useful for using Swords in the Dark Knight class. Lon'qu also stands to give Laurent rock-solid speed while having high enough of a base strength growth to nullify the growth reduction in strength from Miriel's strength growth rate. The only issue is not having much of a magic growth, which may affect Laurent's base stats in magic if he is recruited rather early. However, Lon'qu's magic growth growth rate does not completely eviscerate Laurent's in terms of growth inheritance, meaning there is room for Laurent to make room for dual offenses.


Virion has an unusually high magic growth rate for a physically-inclined character, having his base magic growth at 30% (to put it in perspective, Virion's base magic growth rate is 5 percentage points lower than Lissa's). Virion also packs solid strength, skill, and speed, all of which are great for Laurent for hybridizing into the Dark Knight class. The only big issue is having a crippling -3 defense modifier, but that can still be worked around.


Gregor as a father is in high demand due to his class sets but his ability to pass down Armsthrift and Swordfaire is very useful to bring into the Dark Knight class, allowing Laurent to having much greater offensive prowess with dual -faire skills and Armsthrift. The main issue here is Gregor's horrible magic and resistance growth rates, which is going to push Laurent's base growths in those stats down to 30% and 25%, but if you recruit him with Miriel and Gregor leveled high enough you can have Laurent be recruited with his base magic and resistance in a respectable place.


Inigo is the son of Olivia, and he joins as a Mercenary. Since Olivia can access the Dark Flier class, taking the opportunity to pass down Galeforce is a good idea, given how broken the skill is in this game. However, the Vantage, Astra, Swordfaire, and Pass skills from the Myrmidon branch are also good choices to pass down, though Inigo can just reclass to that line himself.


In terms of parents, there are several good options. Despite how painfully annoying it is to set up Chrom and Olivia to get married, it can be a tactic that can pay off very well. Chrom will always pass down Rightful King to Inigo, and he can certainly make use of it with the ability to access skills like Astra, Sol, Luna, Aegis, and even Lethality (with Rightful King, Lethality sits at a 22% maximum chance to activate with skill capped). Despite the lack of Aether, as only Chrom's daughters inherit it, Inigo can still abuse Rightful King to a considerable extent..


Ricken is also a choice for father if you want Inigo to be able to use magic efficiently. Ricken can grant the ability to access the Mage branch, allowing Inigo to use Tomefaire, and even go into the Dark Knight class, where he can use both Swords and Tomes. Inigo by default has access to Swordfaire through Second Sealing, meaning he can use boost both the potency of Swords and Tomes (though Axes are also an option if you choose to make Inigo a Dread Fighter). Modifier wise, Inigo only loses a point in defense but has solid boosts to magic, skill, and speed that can makes him very well rounded. Ricken also passes down the Cavalier and Archer class line, meaning

Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res
0 +3 +2 +2 +2 -1 0

They are clearly not lopsided, despite what you may expect. Despite how unorthodox it may sound, Dark Knight Inigo should not be overlooked, due to what Ricken can pass down.


It does not make much sense to promote Inigo to a Bow Knight instead of a Hero, given he can already access Swordfaire and Axefaire by default. The point here is Inigo possessing Armsthrift without needing to level at all; Armsthrift is a very useful skill because it can slow down weapon use considerably if you have a high Luck stat; stack Swordfaire, Bowfaire, Galeforce, and an offensive skill like Astra or Lethality to kill everything in sight. It might make better sense to have Noire do this, but in reality, the only parent Noire can get both the Myrmidon and Mercenary class lines from are either Gregor or the Avatar (male), both of which are parents of considerable demand to other characters, like Severa, Brady, Gerome, Nah, etc. The only other Armsthrift Bow Knight Inigo would really compete with (outside of the Avatar) is Severa, who would prefer having Stahl instead of Virion to get access to the Myrmidon class line.


Donnel does not give Inigo much class wise but can pass down Aptitude, which is one of the most broken skills in the game. Having already access to the Myrmidon and Barbarian class line and being able to inherit Galeforce from Olivia, Inigo can grow in stats very rapidly and become much more dangerous much more quickly.


Severa is a unique character, being a child character who can inherit a Pegasus Knight skill from her mother but can also get these skills herself. As a Mercenary, Severa gets access to Armsthrift by default, which is very useful to keep using incredibly powerful weapons while minimizing the amount of uses they expend. As a Mercenary, Severa can premote into the Hero class, which, in Awakening, is incredibly reliable with its dual access to A Rank Swords and Axes. The key here is just to make Severa better; without any inheritance, Severa lacks access to skills that would increase damage output outside of the unreliable Vengeance, such as Swordfaire, Luna, Astra, etc. The one issue you will need to come terms with is if you want Severa to have Axefaire for the Hero class, given how solid the class is in this game. If you do, Severa will need to inherit it from a Father.


Gregor is a pretty good choice for father because Severa will get increased maximum stat modifiers in Strength, Skill, Speed, and Defense, while suffering small decreases in Magic (not that important anyway), Luck (just one point), and Resistance (but Severa can acquire Tomebreaker to begin with). Gregor can also pass down male-class only skills: the coveted Axefaire skill if Severa wants to become a Hero, or Wrath if Severa is not a Hero. But a female character with access to skills from the male-only Berserker class is definitely an asset, and Gregor is probably the best candidate to do this due to balanced maximum stat modifiers.


Frederick can allow Severa to access both the Great Knight and Wyvern Lord classes, allowing her to acquire both Luna and Swordbreaker; Severa also gets higher caps in Strength, Skill, and Defense, making her very potent and difficult to take down. She also acquires the ability to acquire ANY breaker skill, so she can really be a pain if you want to give her other breaker skills as well. Severa will also have the ability to get both Aegis and Pavise if you can bring her skill stat high enough to abuse them. Just be sure you give Frederick a Second Seal or two to get closer-to-par stats, as Frederick has awful base stats and takes a lot of effort to get his stats up to par, which may affect Severa's bases upon recruitment.


With Donnel as father, Severa get inherit Aptitude so you do not have to waste your time excessively grinding levels on your parents so she takes less time to cap out Hhowever, Selena can ONLY inherit Aptitude, as Villager is a male class only. Instead, Severa gets the redundant Pegasus Knight class in place of Villager, but does inherit Troubadour in place of Fighter, allowing Severa to go into the War Cleric class and obtain Renewal. If her luck is maxed out, she will only have a 4% chance to wear down a weapon if she has Armsthrift with Donnel as father. Only negative modifiers are in magic and resistance, and Severa can get Tomebreaker to hammer magic users to begin with.


Cynthia, the daughter of Sumia, has only five potential fathers: Chrom, Frederick, Avatar, Gaius, and Henry. Despite having only five potential fathers, Cynthia can make very good use of inheritance. She already can go into the Sage class and get Tomefaire to back her up as a Dark Flier, which is a definite boon, as well as Healtouch from Cleric class for Falcon Knight.


If Chrom is father, Cynthia will always inherit Aether alongside having access to Bowbreaker by inheriting the Archer class. The one issue Cynthia will have is not having that solid of a magic stat, which may detrimental as Cynthia would prefer being in the Dark Flier class more often than not. However, Chrom does provide solid benefits to Cynthia, though Lucina likes this pairing more due to being able to access Lancefaire and Galeforce to use in the Great Lord class.


Frederick is a good option, being able to pass down Swordbreaker, Pavise, and Aegis, all of which are of considerable value


Henry can give Cynthia a small number of male-only skills that she can make use of in Rally Strength, Despoil, or Wrath (Counter loses usefulness once she starts maxing out her stats). Henry also allows Cynthia to go into the Valkyrie class and acquire Rally Resistance, which works well with Rally Defense, and Dual Support+, which boosts her support bonuses with another character. Access to Lifetaker, Vengeance, and Tomebreaker can also allow Cynthia to handle bonus damage against her better. And her only negative maximum stat will be -1 in luck!


The Avatar is the only character that can give Cynthia access to Armsthrift, which, as a Dark Flier, is actually very useful, given that Cynthia will likely be using Galeforce a lot to kill numerous enemies once she is fully trained. The Avatar can also pass down a male-exclusive skill, but aside

More likely you should consider having Cynthia reclass into a Mercenary rather than inherit Armsthrift, as this gives a window of opportunity for Cynthia to promote into a Bow Knight and level for Bowbreaker to use in either the Falcon Knight or Dark Flier class. Realistically, unless you want Cynthia to inherit Wrath, you are probably better off passing down Veteran, Rally Spectrum, or Ignis to Cynthia, preferably Veteran to make assimilating the skills she wants much faster.


Gerome is the son of Cherche. And in my opinion, he is one of the best children characters in the game. He can acquire skills like Swordbreaker and Renewal by default! It is actually really hard to screw up with Gerome because Wyvern Lord is such a great class, especially with Gerome's ability to heal off incurred damage each turn. Note that Gerome will always be able to go into the Fighter branch because he cannot go into Cherche's female-exclusive Troubadour branch. This gives Gerome the ability to acquire key skills in Sol and Axebreaker. If you use DLC, you may want to get a Dread Scroll so Gerome can get Resistance +10 if he cannot get either Tomebreaker or Aegis.


What can Henry pass down to Gerome? Tomebreaker, Axefaire, Lifetaker, Pass, etc. All goodies that are extremely hard to overlook when in conjuction together. Gerome's only negative caps are in luck (but -1 luck will not kill him) and resistance (but he can get Tomebreaker). And quite literally, you do not need Armsthrift to make use out of Gerome, though having it is never a bad option.


Libra gives Gerome the ability to get Tomebreaker, though he will not be able to get Axefaire or Wrath. Libra is an okay replacement for Henry if Henry is already paired up.


The Cavalier branch offers two key skills to Gerome: Aegis and Luna. As a Wyvern Lord, Gerome will have, at most, a 40% chance to activate either of these skills. Aegis will allow Gerome to brush off an arrow or Excalibur blast, whereas Luna will give Gerome some more offensive firepower. If you do not like the Wyvern Lord class, Gerome can do an okay job as a Paladin, though he will lose the ability to use axes (Great Knight's caps are bad).


Gregor is another interesting father for Gerome; although he does not get access to Tomebreaker, he does get access to the Mercenary and Barbarian class lines, which allow him to retrieve Armsthrift, Bowbreaker, Wrath, and Axefaire, all of which are very solid skills to have. His resistance though is not going to be very good until a fair amount of leveling occurs, so keep that in mind.


Yarne is the son of Panne. As a Taguel, Yarne can use Beaststones, though admittedly the low bases are rather hampering, even with the Beaststone boosts. If you are looking to move Yarne into another class for better stats, the Warrior class would be the best option, even over Berserker, because Yarne is more often than not going to have a high skill modifier that he would want to abuse, in addition to the better defenses of the Warrior class. However, it would still be a good idea to pick up Wrath and Axefaire from the Berserker classes


Libra can allow Yarne to acquire both Renewal and Tomebreaker, allowing him to handle magic users better. This can allow Yarne to rip apart enemy Dark Knights, Valkyries, and Dark Fliers with the combination of Beastbane + Tomebreaker. However, growth wise, Libra is very hampering for Yarne, reducing his strength, speed, and defense growth rates, all stats that Yarne wants to have more of.


Frederick's main selling point here is the rock-solid modifiers, losing only points in magic, while also giving him access to the Wyvern Rider class line that he does not inherit from his mother. In particular, getting access to Lancebreaker can alleviate the threat of Beast Killers, which would haunt Yarne in every class, and Swordbreaker is good if following the recommendation of reclassing Yarne into a Warrior. Frederick also gives Yarne access to Luna, Aegis, and Pavise which, with Yarne's +5 skill cap modifier, can be activated more often than not once he maximizes his stats. Frederick does reduce Yarne's luck growth significantly, but it will still be fairly high given how insane Yarne's base luck growth is.


Do you want Yarne to have a 4% chance to wear down a Beaststone? Then make sure Donnel is his parent! (Gregor does not give the needed luck). Yarne will be able to get Armsthrift and rarely ever break his Beaststone, making him able to drop your prices so you do not have to continuously buy Beaststones or Beaststone+s. Yarne will also be able to get Sol to heal himself 50% of the time with his skill capped. Furthermore, Donnel can pass down Aptitude to make leveling up quicker.


Noire is a bit unusual for a character, being in a solidly physical class line when her mother is known for having stats lopsided towards powerful but inaccurate magic attacks. As a Archer, Noire may have issues hitting enemies with Tharja as her mother without Hit Rate +20, though particularly so in Lunatic mode.


Gaius gives Noire a number of options owing particularly to passing down the Pegasus Knight class in place of the Fighter class. Given that such pairing will give Noire +2 and +3 cap modifiers in strength and magic, and Noire already has an unusually high magic growth rate, she can prove to be a very viable Dark Flier. Access to Bowbreaker by default also helps, as bow users will have troubles picking her off, whereas Luna coming off of decent skill can prove to be quite the asset. Dark Flier is not the only possibility; Gaius allows Noire to grab Swordfaire and Acrobat, which are both useful in the Bow Knight class that Noire can access by default. Since both of those classes have high movement, you could give her Locktouch if you really wanted to so you can pick locks quickly.


It is hard finding a good father for Noire because most of them decrease her maximum stat modifier for Luck even further, due to their negative modifiers. However, Lon'qu does not drop Noire's luck modifier, and can even provide some good inheritance to look at. The Myrmidon, Thief, and Wyvern Rider class lines are pretty good for Noire, as she can acquire Astra, Vantage, Swordfaire, Lancebreaker, Swordbreaker, Movement +1, etc. Thus, she will function best as an Assassin or Trickster. Trickster utilizes her +4 magic modifier, whereas Assassin will utilize her already-developed proficiency in Bows. Access to Lancebreaker complements this, as she can gain the upper hand against enemy Generals and Great Knights. However, Noire will be a little fragile, but thankfully, she can go into the Dark Knight class by default and acquire Lifetaker to make her a little more durable. It is definitely worth a try. If you lack DLC, Lon'qu may be the most logical choice for fathering Noire.


Owain is the son of Lissa, being a melodramatic who has much interest in the flair. Combat-wise, Owain starts out in the Myrmidon class, which has a lot of room for potential in both the very fast Swordmaster and Assassin classes. Given that Lissa has access to the Pegasus Knight class line, you should consider passing Galeforce down to Owain, since he cannot access it himself due to how useful the skill is.

The main issue you should consider here is not only what you can do to augment Owain's offense, but what you will do about his stat modifiers. Statistically speaking, not factoring in the father, Owain does not have very salvageable stat modifiers for a speedy sword user, already inheriting a -1 modifier in strength and only having a neutral modifier in skill and +1 in speed. Owain has a lot to offer, but the question is what can you add to his repertoire to make him better.

Instead of the Pegasus Knight class, Owain inherits the Barbarian class. He can use this to get access to Wrath, which, for a Swordmaster, can be stacked with Vantage and a high-critical weapon like the Killing Edge for a deadly skill combination and access to reliable power, though this should be done with care depending on how high Owain's stats are when he is recruited because of Lissa's base stats and growth rates.


Virion can allow Owain to acquire Bowfaire to use as an Assassin or Bow Knight. This is further complemented by the fact that Virion allows Owain to go into the Wyvern Rider branch and grab Lancebreaker to deal with lance users, and even Swordbreaker if sword users are an issue. Bow Knight Owain has more defense, and has more movement, whereas Assassin Owain is more skillful and speedy, and lacks the beast weakness of the Bow Knight class. Regardless of which, Owain can definitely benefit from the Vantage + Wrath combination in either of these classes to increase his odds of destroying the opponent. As an Assassin, the lower defenses make it more ideal to attempt Counter + Renewal in case someone manages to get past Owain's high avoid; Assassin also makes better use of the Astra skill due to its higher skill rating. Regardless of which, Virion can make Owain fast, furious, and fragile.


The selling point of Lon'qu as a parent is passing down salvageable modifiers in skill and speed without hurting modifiers particularly hard


Vaike's main selling point here is reversing the negative strength modifiers that Lissa passes down while passing roughly even modifiers everywhere else, though this is a bit of a downside in terms of speed. Vaike also p


Kjelle is a character in a package, starting off as a Knight, which is not in the class set her mother has, which essentially gives her four class sets in Knight, Wyvern Rider, Myrmidon, and Cavalier class lines. This allows her to grab useful battle skills in Pavise, Luna, Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker, Deliverer, Vantage, Astra, Swordfaire, Pass, and Aegis right off the bat. Just looking at that list makes me want to shout up and down. Her flaw? Opposing magic users, though Aegis somewhat helps with that.


Chrom will always pass down Aether to Kjelle. Considering that Kjelle will have a +4 skill cap modifier with Chrom as father, Kjelle can make good use of Aether. Even as a Wyvern Lord, which is supposed to have a bad skill cap, Kjelle will still have a 21% chance to activate Aether. She could also make good use of Aether all of her other classes, though stay away from Great Knight because its abysmal skill cap is not ideal for abusing Aether.


Axefaire is a skill that is only acquirable in a male-only class, but Kjelle can receive it from her father via inheritance. Vaike is an excellent candidate for father, as he can even allow Kjelle to go into the Mercenary and Trickster classes and acquire the Armsthrift, Movement +1, and Acrobat skills (although Vaike himself cannot be a Mercenary, any of his potential daughters can as replacements for male-only classes), both of which Kjelle would benefit using as a General, though the latter is useless if Kjelle is a Wyvern Lord. And if Axefaire is not really wanted, at least consider Wrath, which works well in conjuction with Kjelle's ability to acquire the Vantage skill (or Gamble if the risk does not appeal to you). Gregor and Henry are also good as a father, both of them being able to pass down the Troubadour class line for Renewal, adnd Henry with access to Tomebreaker at the expense of Thief class skill with Gregor and Armsthrift with Henry.


Gaius passes down the Thief and, due to male/female class restrictions, the Pegasus Knight class line. As a General, Kjelle would certainly love to have access to Movement +1 and Acrobat to greatly enhance the General's poor movement. However, the Pegasus Knight class line opens up Lancefaire, which is useful in the General or Great Knight class to increase power, and Galeforce, which is useful in almost any offensive class. There are not any real skills from the Fighter class line Kjelle may want except for Sol or Axebreaker from the Hero class, which have varying uses depending on how you plan to structure Kjelle. In Lunatic Mode at least, Axebreaker may be of considerable use to Kjelle, as being a member of the Knight class line, Kjelle is going to need a lot of leverage against enemy Warriors and Berserkers that are fairly common and often have offenses that are going to hit Kjelle, even as a General, fairly hard, especially with a Hammer. However, if Kjelle is being put into another class, Sol or a standard Thief skill could be passed down for longevity or utility depending on what Kjelle is going to need.

Virion and StahlEdit

Virion is not of particular interest to Kjelle, passing down a -2 defense modifier, though having him as a father gives a +5 modifier in skill and speed, which can definitely be abused in any class. Virion and Sully may wind up being a choice because they join in the same chapter at roughly the same level, but the main selling point here is Bowbreaker, which Kjelle can bring into the Wyvern Lord class to avoid getting hit by Archers, as well as Lifetaker from the Dark Knight class. Admittedly, a -2 defense modifier is not that hot for a defensive class like the Wyvern Lord, but the increase in skill and speed modifiers patch up a flaw in the Wyvern Lord's weak skill and speed caps. Stahl also passes down the Archer class line, but has better distributed modifiers, leaving only negative modifiers in Magic and Luck (at -1, which is insignificant) while increasing strength, skill, speed, and defense. The only downside with Stahl is not being able to give Kjelle access to Lifetaker, ===Kellam=== Kellam passes down a unique skill combination of Renewal and Movement +1+Acrobat, which is great for a General. Statistically, Kjelle's only negative cap modifier will be -1 in luck, but that really does not matter, since Kjelle's only luck-based skill is Miracle, which is too inconsistent to be reliable. But if Kjelle needs the combination of Renewal and Movement +1/Acrobat, then Kellam is the man to father her.


Being a Manakete, Nah has access to a 1-2 range weapon while having a weapon that improves her stats to make up for the meager bases of the Manakete class. Alternatively, Nah has the Wyvern Rider and Mage class lines by default, and with her base strength and magic growth rates, can certainly make use of both of them. As a Manakete, Nah has the potential to be better than Nowi by inheriting skills from her father, though with already having access to Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker, and Lifetaker by default, all Nah needs is speci


Gregor is one of three fathers that can give Nah access to Armsthrift, the others being the Male Avatar and Donnel. As a Manakete, Nah certainly can abuse Armsthrift to minimize wearing down the weapon usage of Dragonstone+, which is extremely powerful and can be abused to considerable extent. However, there are two other options that Gregor opens up. If choosing to become a Wyvern Lord, Gregor allows Nah to access Bowbreaker from the Bow Knight class, allowing Nah to patch up a weakness to Bows; Gregor can also pass down Axefaire if Nah is going to stay in the Wyvern Lord class. In place of Barbarian, Nah gets the Troubadour class line, which gives the opportunity to get Renewal from the War Cleric class


Kellam grants Nah a -3 speed modifier in exchange for a +3 modifier in strength and resistance and a +7 modifier in defense, which can make Nah extremely difficult to kill. Kellam also gives Nah access to offensive skills in Luna and Lethality, though Nah is unlikely to be able to use Lethality well due to skill restrictions. Kellam also gives access to Pavise and Renewal, which can allow Nah to take tanking to the extreme, though that is mostly what he can offer.


Donnel's modifiers will cut into Nah's speed but will give her incredibly rock solid modifiers everywhere else, especially in luck and defense. Being abl to pass down Aptitude, Donnel can allow Nah to gain stats very quickly and become highly overpowering. Donnel also gives Nah access to the Mercenary, Pegasus Knight, and Troubadour class lines, which opens up a diverse number of options with solid skills in Armsthrift, Galeforce, Renewal, Bowbreaker, and Lancefaire, which can be used in several different classes with what Nah already has to yield very high dividends

Morgan (Male)Edit

Morgan is amazing; he is the son of the Avatar, and can be fathered by any other recruitable male character in the game (even children characters), from Chrom to Basilio to the guys recruited from the Spotpass Paralogues. Also, he can go into a vast number of classes, which is another boon. It would be a wise choice for his mother to pass down Galeforce to him, since he himself cannot go into the Dark Flier class. The best fathers of them all? Here you go:


Chrom will always pass down Rightful King to Male Morgan, which boosts the activation rates of all skills by 10%. Since Male Morgan has access to so many of skills that can be abused by Rightful King, such as Ignis, Astra, Luna, and even Lethality, Morgan can prove to be a terrifying character with the Rightful King skill under his belt.


Yarne can get some very decent stat caps from his parents, and he can turn Male Morgan into a nightmare by fathering him. For example, if Gaius fathers Yarne, the Avatar picks Asset Speed and Flaw Skill, then Morgan can have a +10 modifier in speed while only suffering a negative cap of -1 in magic (also, his skill will sit at +4)! Put this into a class like Swordmaster and Morgan will outspeed everything, though getting Lancebreaker to counteract Beast Killers might be a good idea.


Accessible through Spotpass after completing the second to last chapter, Walhart can pass down the Conquest skill to Morgan. Therefore, you will not need to worry about random Armorslayers or Beast Killers if Morgan goes into any armored or Mounted class. You probably should not be going into the Great Knight class though because the maximum stats for that class are atrocious. Realistically speaking, Conquest is probably best off abused in the Dark Knight, General, or Paladin classes, which all maintain a respectable amount of defenses without being horribly deficient in skill and resistance, which is a major weakness of the Great Knight class.

Morgan (Female)Edit

Female Morgan can get Galeforce by herself, no parent needs to pass it to her.emale Morgan can also be siblings with several of the other children characters, like Laurent and Severa, allowing you to kill two birds with one stone. If you plan on putting Morgan into any Axe-using class you may want her to inherit Axefaire from the Avatar, as she would not be able to access it otherwise. If not, Rally Strength can be passed down if planning to make Morgan a Rallybot, or Counter for passive damage, though it does not have much use outside of Lunatic and Lunatic+ modes.


Aversa can pass down Shadowgift, one of the best abilities in the game, as Morgan can wield Dark Tomes like Ruin and Waste in non-Sorcerer class that use Tomes, like Dark Knight and Grandmaster. You should not be making this pairing if not planning to put Morgan to a Tome-using class, as otherwise Shadowgift would be completely useless.


Lucina will always pass down Aether to Morgan, which is an incredibly potent skill if Morgan has a high enough skill stat to abuse it. Morgan will not have access to Rightful King but can still have careful inheritance planning and class options to put Aether at a fairly high activation rate.


Brady is a support unit; leveling up a healer at so late in the game seems awful, but children characters receive experience much faster than first-generation characters by default, meaning Brady can pick up the pace fairly quickly. Statwise, Brady has the strength stat to go into the War Monk class, though depending on when he is recruited, he may need more time to build up his strength; however, more often than not you will be waiting until Maribelle gets Galeforce from the Dark Flier class to pass it down to Brady, who can otherwise not get the skill, meaning his stats may be fairly high if both his father and mother have gone through at least one Second Seal. Although being weapon-locked into axes may seem like a bad idea, if he gets a particular father that allows him to get Swordbreaker, then Swordmasters and Assassins will be less of an issue. Since Pegasus Knight is gender-exclusive to females, Brady instead will be able to go into the Cavalier class, allowing him to pursue Aegis and Luna. Brady already will get Healtouch, Rally Magic, Luna, Aegis, and Renewal, so looking for skills like Swordbreaker, Pavise, Armsthrift, Axefaire, and Rally Strength will be a good idea.


Donnel can give Brady Armsthrift, Rally Strength, Bowbreaker, and even Aptitude, reducing his need to be supported so he can support. Brady also gets a +7 cap modifier in luck, allowing him to activate Armsthrift every time without any boosts once he has maxed out his luck, which should be fairly easy by inheriting Aptitude. You know that Helswath you get in Chapter 22? Brady can use it without it even wearing down in usage. Brady also can access Aptitude, so he can grow relatively quickly in case you really do not want to train his parents so they cap out just for Brady.


Gregor trades Aptitude in exchange for Vantage, Pass, Despoil, Wrath, and Axefaire. Brady is also not guaranteed to activate Armsthrift every time without a luck boost, but a 96% chance to activate is nothing to scoff at. The -1 strength cap also fades away, leaving only a -1 cap in defense. Gregor gives Brady some more options, though it will take a little longer to cap out Brady due to the lack of Aptitude.

Lon'qu and GaiusEdit

Lon'qu and Gaius do the exact same thing in passing down both the Myrmidon and Thief class lines, offering a potential avenue for Brady to take his staves into the Trickster class instead of the War Monk class while also having access to Swordfaire to complement it. The main difference is Lon'qu having a better magic growth rate and also passing down the Wyvern Rider class line, opening up room for Brady to bring Lancebreaker into the Trickster class, whereas Gaius pass down more even stat modifiers and a stronger strength growth rate.

And of Course, there is always the Avatar....Edit

If the Avatar is single, and both Donnel and Gregor are both paired up. The Avatar's asset being strength, and flaw magic, will give no negative cap modifiers, while getting skills that Brady would love having in combo: Rally Strength, Armsthrift, Swordbreaker, Rally Spectrum, you name it - Brady will probably be able to get it.

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