So, hey, I'm WheatyTruffles! I'm a bureaucrat on the Cytus Wiki (it's a rhythm game), and a newcomer to the Fire Emblem series.

About a month ago, I bought Fire Emblem: Awakening, and instantly fell in love with it. I love the gameplay, the visuals, the music...I just love everything. Sadly...the game still confuses me in several ways.

What I mean, is that I've restarted the game three times, due to simple beginners' traps that I easily fell into (overused Frederick the first time, used the Master Seals too early the second time, underused Frederick, Libra, and Anna the third time).

So, I'm just calling out to those who've played this game before. Those who understand the different skills, the best classes to pick, and the best pairings.

You guys should probably know this beforehand:

  • I play on Normal difficulty
  • I play on Classic mode...I'm not a bitch
  • My Unit is a male...just in case you guys have any Morgan strategies

The things I already understand (from my past failures) are:

  • Don't overuse or underuse the advanced class units...also use a Second Seal on Frederick
  • Use Donnel...he can become insanely OP
  • Use a lot of Reeking Boxes...unless you're on Lunatic...which I'm not (u mad?)
  • Simple weaknesses, like Pegasus Knights being weak against Archers
  • The importance of Pairing Up

What I want to know about:

  • What skills are great, and what skills are unnecessary
  • The massive difficulty spike in Paralogues 13 and 14 (compared to 8 and 12).
  • What to do with Olivia...she's weak, but dancing really helps...
  • What classes I should pick when using a Master Seal
  • What other units I should use Second Seals on (I'm aware that there's a severe lack of Archers early on...and an overabundance of Mages...maybe Ricken can change to an Archer?)
  • Any other useful tidbits (especially about any other beginners' traps I should be aware of)

Thanks in advance, and good day to you all.

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