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“Restoring the sacrificed girl to life, Miradona gave the girl the same power as Kalbazan, but also the means to seal away her new power within a bracelet, lest she be driven mad as he was. The girl, Utna, was given the responsibility to save the human race from Kalbazan.”
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Utna (ユトナ Yutona) is a background character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga.


According to the legends, Utna was a sacred goddess who followed a white dragon. She was also believed to be the daughter of the Earth Goddess Miradona. In truth, she was a slave of the Zoa Empire sent to the dark god Gerxel's altar to be sacrificed to him. Before she could be slain, she heard the voice of Miradona, who gave her blood to drink and Emiyu treasures to save humanity from Gerxel. She also had four holy dragon servants who were born to protect humanity.

After her escape, Utna fell in love with the hero Garlon and assisted him in slaying the dark dragon Gerxel. Afterwards, she married Garlon, and the two ruled Reeve together as its emperor and empress. Eventually, she gave birth to four daughters (Reeve, Salia, Leda, and Canaan). Following Garlon's death, Utna hid herself away in the underground temple underneath Shiero Mountain.


  • Despite never making an appearance in-game, Utna has an unused portrait and eye-blinking sprites.

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