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Utna (alternately translated as Yutona) is a background character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. According to the legends, she was a sacred goddess who followed a white dragon and the daughter of the Earth Goddess Miradona. In truth, she was a slave sent to the Dark God Gerxel's altar to be sacrificed to him. Before she could be killed, Utna heard a voice from Miradona, who gave her blood to drink, as well as Emiyu treasures to aid save humanity from Gerxel. She also had four holy dragon servants who were born to protect humanity.

Following her escape, Utna fell in love with the hero Garlon and aided him in his quest to destroy the Zoa Empire. After the war ended, she married Garlon and became the empress of Reeve. She also gave birth to four daughters (Muse, Neuron, Kranion, and Rakis). After Garlon died, the four daughters became the priestesses of their own temples, and Utna hid herself in the underground temple underneath Shiero Mountain.

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