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Map of Valentia

Valentia (バレンシア Barenshia, Barensia in the Japanese version and Valencia in the fan translation) is the continent in which Fire Emblem Gaiden takes place, located far west (erroneously drawn to the east in some materials) of Archanea. Originally ruled by the sibling gods Mila and Duma, a dispute eventually led to them dividing the continent between them. The lands of the north were to be ruled by Duma and the lands to the south would be ruled by Mila. Eventually two kingdoms rose from this division, Rigel in the north and Zofia in the south. However, the heavy involvement of the gods in the nations they came to rule led to a contrast between them; the people of Rigel became strong, yet forgot kindness in their might, and the people of Zofia grew corrupt and knew nothing of toil.

By the time of Fire Emblem Awakening, this continent is renamed Valm after the hero Alm, just as Archanea has been renamed to Ylisse.


Ram VillageThief ShrineSouthern FortressLiberation Army's HQZofia CastleDozer's FortressForest VillageWater GateRigel VillageRigel CastleNovis MonasteryNovis PortPirate's FortressZofia PortGeyse's FortressDesert FortressTemple of MilaMountain VillageSage HamletDuma GateDuma TowerZofiaZofiaZofiaZofiaRigelValentia (clean)
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