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The continent of Valm

Valm (ヴァルム, Varumu, Warm in the Japanese version) is the continent west of Ylisse in Fire Emblem Awakening. Its Emperor is Walhart. Its citizens worship the Divine Dragons and revere Tiki. It is the future version of Valentia, founded by the unification of the Rigel and Zofia following the events of Fire Emblem Gaiden, and renamed after Alm, the first king of the united empire.

Eventually, the Valmese Empire saw rise to conflict and split into several nations. In recent years, Walhart united the empire once again so that he could prevent the resurrection of Grima. Walhart is referred to as the second coming of Valm's first king, but Virion reckons that he lacks love, due in part to not having a compassionate queen like Celica by his side, as the first king once did.

Unlike Valentia which seemed to have no wyverns, Valm appears to have a population of wyverns in Chon'sin and Rosanne.



Chon'sin was a small nation in Valm ruled by Yen'fay prior to being conquered. The Chonsinese army was then wholly integrated into the larger Valmese Imperial Army, with Yen'fay as the head of his "division".


Rosanne was a small dukedom in Valm headed by House Virion; Virion's dialogue at the start of Chapter 12 implies it was among the first to fall to Walhart and fell quickly.


Valm was a very small country (pitifully small, according to Virion) that was remembered only because the continent shared the name. Its ruler became Walhart, the Conqueror, who then unified the continent for the purpose of destroying Grima.

Known people from ValmEdit

  • Walhart - The emperor of Valm who is known as the Conqueror
  • Virion - Former duke of Rosanne
  • Cherche - A former vassal of the House of Virion
  • Lon'qu - A Myrmidon born in Chon'sin; fled to Ferox after Ke'ri's death.
  • Yen'fay - The former dynast of Chon'sin and the older brother of Say'ri
  • Say'ri - Former princess of Chon'sin and the younger sister of Yen'fay
  • Cervantes- One of Walhart's generals
  • Excellus- Walhart's tactician
  • Pheros - One of Walhart's generals.
  • Nelson - Former Valmese general who started his own ruffian gang to take the stolen items in Paralogue 10
  • Ignatius - General of one of Walhart's fleets.
  • Farber - General of Valm who pursues Say'ri to Valm Harbor. 
  • Dalton - A bigoted Valmese general who invades Ferox
  • Ke'ri - Lon'qu's childhood friend.

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