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“Here, these are the sword and armor I used when I was younger. If Granada’s sovereign just uses bow and arrow, my name would be shamed. Shigen, have Holmes change clothes.”

Vals is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the Captain General of Granada and the father of Holmes. He was once married to Queen Liza of Wellt, but only for five years. He is a shameless womanizer who has many mistresses, as well as a large number of children, one of whom is revealed to be Attrom. He uses the name "Als" when he is womanizing.

It is mentioned that Holmes spent much of his time with Runan during his childhood in order to avoid Vals. He has a meeting with Holmes at the end of Map 29 in which he retires from his position as Captain General and gives armor and a sword to Holmes, triggering his promotion to Hide Hunter. During this chapter, he sends one of his mistresses to bring a gift to Holmes, who refuses to accept it. Once the mistress mentions that she will be scolded for this, Shigen tells her to inform Vals that Holmes was so delighted by the gift that he cried, and thus he never knows that his son actually refused it.

It is revealed that Vals is the one who named Shigen. Holmes states that his own name, as well as "Shigen" and "Attrom", are tasteless and ordinary, but says that this is fitting because it was Vals who bestowed those names upon them.

Throughout the story, Vals pushes his responsibilities onto Holmes. It is for this reason that Holmes becomes the new Captain General of Granada.

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