Velthomer Castle

Velthomer is one of the six dukedoms of the Kingdom of Grannvale in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. It was founded by Fjalar, the Mage Fighter, and ruled by Arvis during the present. The Fire Magic Valflame is passed down the Velthomer family, and this is why Velthomer is home to many Fire Mages. Their knight squadron is known as Roten Ritter and it is led by Arvis as well, being deputed by Aida.

When the Grannvale Empire was formed, Velthomer was then used as a base of operations for the Loptyrian Cult, while the Roten Ritter became Arvis' imperial guard.

During the final chapter of Genealogy of the Holy War, Manfroy and his strongest dark mages guarded the castle, after he took Julia there and brainwashed her. It is also revealed that the Book of Naga was stored in a vault in Velthomer castle, with the key being Empress Deirdre's Circlet. It is explained in the ending that the family crest of Velthomer is called the Fire Emblem.

If Azelle was paired in the first generation, his son will become the new ruler of Velthomer in the epilogue.

Notable citizens of VelthomerEdit

  • Arvis - Duke of Velthomer, Leader of the Weissen Ritter Holy Guard during the 1st Generation, and later Emperor of Grannvale during the 2nd Generation.
  • Julius - Son of Emperor Arvis and Empress Deirdre.
  • Julia - Daughter of Emperor Arvis and Empress Deirdre.
  • Victor - The former Duke of Velthomer and father of Arvis and Azelle.
  • Cigyun - Originally from the Spirit Forest, Wife of Victor.
  • Aida - A general of Velthomer and the Roten Ritter and Arvis's confidant during the 1st Generation, mother of Saias.
  • Cowen - A general of Velthomer, father of Aida.
  • Azelle - Paternal half-brother of Arvis.
  • Hilda - Noble of Velthomer and indirect descendant of Fala, married to King Bloom of Freege, Queen of Miletos during the 2nd Generation.
  • Saias - Illegitimate son of General Aida and Emperor Arvis.
  • Vaha - Famed Mage Fighter of Velthomer and member of the Roten Ritter who presides over the oasis fortress of Phinora during the 1st Generation.