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Verge (ヴェルジェ Veruje, translated Verje in fan translations) is a location from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. It is a territory in the western area of Wellt that is ruled by Count Merlon. Although many of the other nobles in Wellt take a neutral stance towards Duke Codha's takeover, Merlon openly opposes him and assists Runan in overthrowing him.

Known People from VergeEdit

  • Merlon - The count of Verge and Estelle's father.
  • Raffin - The adopted son of Merlon, formerly a knight of Barge.
  • Estelle - The daughter of Merlon and Raffin's adopted sister.
  • Lee - A bishop serving in Merlon's army.
  • Narron - A young knight serving in Merlon's army.
  • Ezekiel - A knight serving in Merlon's army and Leteena's older brother.
  • Leteena - The younger sister of Ezekiel and Kreiss's love interest.
  • Elette - The wife of Ezekiel and Leteena's caretaker.

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