“Eirika suppresses her feelings of unease and continues to search for her brother. Passing through Serafew, the group crosses into the Grado Empire. From here forward, there is no doubt that they are walking through hostile territory. In hopes of avoiding unnecessary trouble, Eirika and company head for a sparsely populated region of Grado. However, it is too late. Their movements are already being tracked.”
—Opening Narration

Victims of War is Chapter 6 of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. This also the first map that is covered by fog, making the battle tougher. After you beat this chapter, you will get an Orion's Bolt, a promotional item for archers, if you saved all the citizens from the Bael.

Novala is located at where the cross-like shape is, the one with the brown parts forming a cross and with a green dot at the middle, also surrounded by forests.


  • Antitoxin (from village to the south)
  • Iron Blade (Mercenary to the east)
  • Halberd (or Iron Axe from Fighter to the north east)
  • Elixir (Troubadour to the north)
  • Orion's Bolt (from end of chapter event, if the civilians are all safe)

Initial EnemiesEdit


  • Turn 4, from starting point (Hard Mode Only)


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

This chapter does not hold too much of a challenge, as long as you are a heartless and soulless monster that does not care about poor defenseless villagers (and don't want the Orion's Bolt). If that is not the case, then this chapter could prove to be somewhat difficult. Splitting up your team into two separate groups may be a good idea, one group of fast-moving, non-cavalry units that can get over the mountains that keep in the villagers, and the other full of any units who you did not use, mostly people who you want to get most of the experience. Have the fast group sprinting east, and keep the other group moving towards the village. The Antitoxin in the Southern Village may be worth going for, but if you feel your slow units will not survive the trip, keep them behind in the fast group's wake. Aside from that, take your time as soon as the villagers are safe (it is probably worth keeping them Rescued by high HP, high Defense units).

Because this map has a Fog of War, it will be useful to have some torches and torch staves (which can be bought from the Serafew world map shop before you start the chapter; torch staves do not appear in the Chapter 5 Shop). Natasha and Moulder will especially profit from repeatedly firing off torch staves for EXP and Staff rank experience. Colm, as a Thief, has an innate wider range of view than other characters, so he can be used on the Formation screen to get a view of the immediate surrounding area even if you won't deploy him in battle.

Another strategy for making it through the level without civilian casualties is to send Seth north and then east, preferably with iron weapons, a torch (seeing as you can use Colm and/or torch staves), and a vulnerary. There are few enemies in the northernmost part of the map, meaning that you will still be able to build experience with your other units well. When the Bael is nearly upon the villagers or when you are done building your other units, you can have Seth finish off the boss to end the chapter.

You may want to save the villagers. Rescue each one with Vanessa, and move them to a safe place. As mountain units move very slowly on a mountain, the Bael will take at least seven to ten turns to get to the villagers. As mountains also provide heavy defense and evasion, it is not wise to send a less-trained Vanessa to attack the Bael (she will most likely miss or deal little damage, and it can deal very heavy damage). It is your pick if you want to go after the Bael for some XP and/or to stop its advance, but it hits very hard.

If Vanessa is well-trained, send her towards the villagers from the bottom of the map, where less enemies will target her. To maximize her evasion and accuracy, it may be useful to equip her with a Slim Lance, although this means she won't have two-range to counter the Shaman and Knight with the Javelin that are towards the bottom of the map. If you want to rush to the villagers, don't bother fighting all of the enemies that attack her and go straight for the villagers. However, make sure to give her vulneraries and perhaps even elixirs to keep her HP up, or else she won't survive the Bael. Once you reach the villagers, go straight for the Bael (which should still be on the mountain, away from the villagers). It will attack whoever is closest and will not bother going after the villagers if Vanessa is in the way. No other enemy is can attack the villagers as long as they remain in their initial spot, so once the Bael is taken care of or occupied, they are safe.

As for the rest of the party, the center of the map is pretty dense with enemies, so it will be useful to situate someone sturdy in the fort as soon as possible. However, beware of using Franz, as one of the axe users to the north of the fort has a Halberd that can possibly kill Franz if the attack hits. You may want to send Franz up the northwest side of the map, as there are two Cavaliers and a Troubador there (if you don't send anyone up that way, they will head towards the fort from the north).

Novala does not move, so it may be useful to have units attack him from two-range, since the healers can then stay out of Novala's attack range. Because he is situated on a plains tile while surrounded by forests, it will be easy to attack him and evade his attacks. The only one who will probably have shakier hit rates will be Lute, due to the Weapon Triangle.


After you finish this mission and unlock the Tower of Valni, three different monsters will attack this location:

  • Bonewalker
  • Entombed
  • Mogall


  • Even if all three civilians are saved, only two (the girl and the woman) are shown thanking Eirika for saving them.
  • After completing the mission, the location is called "Adlas Plains".

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