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“The Sacred Twin winged Lance. Def +5.”
—In-game description

Vidofnir (ヴィドフニル Vidofuniru) is a sacred Lance that appears exclusively in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Called the Winged Lance (翼槍, Yokusō lit. Winged Spear), Vidofnir is, alongside the Serpent Bow Nidhogg, one of Frelia's Sacred Twin treasures.

As with most other Sacred Twins weapons, the Vidofnir has the ability to inflict effective damage against Monster units, and when equipped, grants its wielder +5 Defense. While the Vidofnir's Might is not on par with the other Sacred Twin weapons, the Defense boost it provides can be very useful.


During The Sacred Stones, Vidofnir is, along with the Serpent Bow Nidhogg, given to Eirika and Ephraim's army by Innes at the end of Chapter 17. The lance is used alongside its other sacred counterparts to eliminate the threat that the Demon King poses to the continent of Magvel.

Weapon StatsEdit

Name Type

Vidofnir Vidofnir

Lance Lance

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Rng Wt WEx Worth
S 30 15 80% 0% 1 11 1 Worth

Grants its wielder with a bonus of +5 Defense; inflicts effective damage against monsters.

Overview Edit

Because all legendary weapons (other than Gleipnir) deal effective damage to monsters, Vidofnir's 'low' might of 15 has a greater impact than its stats would normally imply. Nevertheless, Vidofnir is a highly potent weapon all around. Vidofnir turns generals into impregnable physical walls, and, when combined with the Fili Shield it turns Wyvern Knights into mobile fortresses capable of shrugging off what usually would be one of their greatest weaknesses.

Though it does help the somewhat shaky defenses of Falcoknights, it does so at the expense of their speed and should be used with caution.

Item LocationEdit

Method Location
Event Ch. 17 - End of chapter.


The name Vidofnir only appears once in Norse mythology, specifically in the poem Fjölsvinnsmál. Within this poem, "Vidofnir" is a rooster residing within the eaves of the tree Mímameiðr. The Mímameiðr may be associated with the forest in which the last remaining humans will seek refuge during Ragnarok, the Norse apocalypse, a fact that posits it as one that is apt for a weapon of legendary stature. The lance's alternate title, the "Winged Lance", is most probably a subtle reference to its identity as a mythical rooster in Norse lore.

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