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Wellt is a location from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. It is a large island kingdom that is situated close to the continent of Lieberia. It is ruled by King Loffaru. After he disappeared in the Balt War, it was seized by Duke Codha. To secure his position as the new king, Codha takes Queen Liza as a hostage and attempts to murder Princess Sasha. However, Runan comes to the aid of Sasha. Together, the two of them overthrow Codha, who is imprisoned to await the judgment of Loffaru.

The first segment of Runan's route takes place here. While Holmes's route does not take place in Wellt, he can visit the area to trigger a series of events that reveal him to be the son of Liza.

Notable Characters from WelltEdit

  • Loffaru - The king of Wellt.
  • Liza - The queen of Wellt who was born in Salia.
  • Sasha - The princess of Wellt.
  • Kate - A knight of Wellt and Sasha's bodyguard.
  • Codha - The corrupt chancellor of Wellt.
  • Roger - A holy knight of Wellt.
  • Mel - Roger's fiancée and a former cleric of the Temple of Mars.
  • Norton - The leader of Wellt's castle guards.
  • Lionel - A knight of Wellt.

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