The Wind Tribe Village is a location in Hoshido, where Chapter 8 of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, Chapter 20 of Conquest, and Chapter 9 of Revelation take place. It is the home of the Wind Tribe, and reached by way of the Eternal Stairway from the north or via Izumo from the south.



The Wind Tribe Village is first seen during Chapter 8. The Avatar and their allies are taken here to reason with Fuga after they accidentally killed two of their tribesmen due to Iago disguising them as Faceless. After they arrive at the village, Fuga tells them that he will believe them if they manage to beat him in battle.

Fuga is eventually defeated by the Hoshidans. He is impressed with their strength and already believes since he never expected the Avatar and their allies to come willingly to the village. As part of a mutual agreement, he allows Hayato to join their army.



This village is visited in Chapter 9. Similar to the events of Birthright, the Avatar and their party go to Reppu Castle in the Wind Tribe Village to speak to the chieftain Fuga after accidentally killing two tribesman on the Eternal Stairway who Iago disguised as Faceless.

Upon their arrival, Fuga is aware of the Avatar's refusal to side with Nohr or Hoshido through rumors he has heard, misinterpreting their intent as a means of conquering the continent, starting with the Wind Tribe. Rinkah disputes his claims and joins the Avatar in fighting Fuga to prove their strength.

Known People from this VillageEdit

  • Hayato - a male Diviner.
  • Fuga - Chieftain of the Wind Tribe, and Hayato's surrogate father.