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“Magic city Khadein... This land once dominated by Gharnef, the Dark Pontifex, was liberated by Marth during the War of Shadows. However the same couldn't be said of the surrounding deserts, as it is rumoured that the Dark Pontifex's mysterious rituals are still being held in some remaining ruins. Merric, a wind mage of Khadein, is ordered by his master, Wendell, to head out for the ruins...”
—Opening Narration

Wind and Thunder is the 1st Downloadable Episode in Fire Emblem: Shin Monshō no Nazo ~Hikari to Kage no Eiyū~.


The episode takes place shortly after either Shadow Dragon or Gaiden. Merric, Ellerean, Linde, and Etzel are dispatched by Wendell to investigate the appearance of a Heretic Bishop. Michalis, revealed to have survived his confrontation with Minerva in Shadow Dragon, is searching for his younger sister Maria who has vanished, and appears to have saved Feena from Bandits. The two groups meet towords the end of the chapter and decide to join in common cause. After they defeat the Bishop, Merric and Ellerean discover a ritual that was to be used to resurrect Gharnef, but Ellerean notes the Bishop would need Gharnef's soul to truly resurrect him. Merric thanks Ellerean from the bottom of his heart, and Ellerean leaves to investigate, happening upon Gharnef's soul. Ellerean believes himself to be hallucinating. Gharnef says Merric's kindness is false and that he wants both Thoron and Excalibur for himself, trying to turn Ellerean against Merric. This works, and the chapter ends with Ellerean noting that he hates Merric.

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