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Wings of Justice
GameFire Emblem: Awakening
ObjectiveRout the enemy
Units AllowedChrom +12
Units GainedCynthia (Enemy, talk with Chrom or Sumia)

Chrom: People here don't seem to like us very much.
Frederick: I did a little investigating on that front, milord. It seems a band of nasty rogues have been harrying them without pause for some time. Apparently, they are led by a man who masquerades as…you.
Chrom: *Sigh* So that's what this is about. Any ideas where they are?
Frederick: It seems they headed north, milord.
Chrom: Then so shall we.”

Chrom and Frederick

Wings of Justice is Paralogue 9 of Fire Emblem: Awakening and is Cynthia's paralogue. This map takes place in Verdant Forest.


Wings of Justice/Script

Unlock and AccessEdit

This paralogue will unlock once Sumia has achieved an S-Support with someone and Chapter 13 has been completed.

However in order to access this map, several other paralogues must be accessible to reach this paralogue:

  • After Chapter 13, Severa's paralogue must be unlocked as well to immediately access this map.
  • If the above is not achieved by Chapter 15, this paralogue can be accessed if Owain's paralogue has been unlocked.
  • If the two above have not been unlocked by Chapter 18, when Tiki's paralogue is unlocked after this chapter, this paralogue can be accessed.


While it is possible to recruit Cynthia using Chrom to talk to her, it is far easier to reach her if you use Sumia instead. She should have high enough movement that she can reach Cynthia in one shot so long as you use View Map to put her on the edge of the group; if not, Galeforce may come in handy to kill an enemy on the way and effectively bridge the gap between your starting position and Cynthia's. Be careful not to kill Cynthia as she is classed as an enemy and will try to attack your units. If you have an especially tanky unit, it is possible to unequip their item (so they will not kill Cynthia), and use the unit to lure Cynthia close enough so that on the next turn Chrom can talk to her.

At the beginning of the second turn, Ruger will start talking to the green, allied units at the top of the map, claiming that he is Chrom and that the Shepherds are in fact bandits. The allied units then become enemies which you will have to fight. Ruger moves from unit to unit in turn to convert them, but if one of your units gets within a certain range of him, he will turn tail and attempt to flee from battle. Since he is carrying a rather valuable Large Bullion, it is advisable to take him down quickly before he reaches the edge of the map. A ranged weapon (like a Bow or Throwing Ax) or even a Mire tome may come in handy here.

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Wings of Justice Next chapter:
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