Xenologue 13: Witches' TrialEdit


  • Anna: Come one! Come all! To the OUTREALM. TRIALLLLL. GRROUUUNDS! Are you a magical maestro? Do you hurt people with your brain? Love brooms? Then this is the trial for you! Beat the challenge, and you'll get a magical gift! The trial this time is called "When Hill Witches Attack!!" Gosh, sounds scary, doesn't it? Thankfully, I know you've got it all under control! Witches, by the by, can show up out of nowhere, out for that. Now, do you have what it takes to dispel the curse? Let's find out! ... I SAID "Let's find out!" Ah! And THERE are our beauties! Well, I'll be off then. Ta-ta and have fun!

After BattleEdit

  • Anna: Woohoo! You won! Are you guys professional witchbusters or something? Remind me to never put any curses on you! Heehee. Oh, right! Reward time! I give to you: the Witch's Mark. This will allow you to copy the technique’s and the outfits of the foes you saw today. 'Til next time! Do svidaniya, my friend!

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