Part 1: Awakening Trial Edit

Before Battle Edit

After Battle Edit

  • Chrom: We will not admit defeat so easily. The rest of the Shepherds will stop you. Our bonds are strong—we will never submit to you, villains.

Part 5: Prince of Awakening Edit

Before Battle Edit

  • Chrom: You made it all this way? What a shame that people with your skills are fighting on the wrong side. But you'll get no further—not even with that talented tactician of yours. Because we have our own. Robin! Lead us to victory. The Shepherds must get these villains to reverse course!

After Battle Edit

  • Chrom: Oh! It seems that my eyes have suddenly opened—and that we misjudged you! You have my gravest apologies, Prince Alfonse. All this time, we were operating under a deception. We had it upside down. The Order of Heroes came here to save us all from the Emblian Empire! I only hope you can forgive us. You have my deep gratitude for rescuing our realm.

Scene transition

  • Alfonse: Our mission succeeded! We have saved the World of Awakening. Of course, it's all thanks to you, Summoner. I can see that with every success, your confidence grows. You give orders with hesitation. The Order of Heroes is truly fortunate to have you.
  • Sharena: You know, there's something about their tactician that remains me of you, Summoner. It's have the same aura or something. Oh, don't worry. I'm still your number-one fan!
  • Anna: It shouldn't surprise us that two people might seem alike, given how many worlds there are. Why, there are probably many more than two—hundreds, even!
  • Sharena: Well, now you're getting carried away, Commander.
  • Anna: Think so? Hmm. You never know. Anyway, let's get back to Askr. We've finished our work here. Oh no. I've just gotten an urgent report... Embla is at the gateway that leads into the World of Mystery—again!
  • Alfonse: Veronica must be hoping to regain Marth. Won't she ever stop trying to get the Hero-King in her clutches? And if not him, who might she be trying to get this time?

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