Part 1: Binding Trial Edit

Before Battle Edit

  • Roy: You must be Prince Alfonse of the Askran Kingdom. Pleased to make your acquaintance. I'm Roy. I know I look young, but I'm leading the forces of Pherae on my father's behalf. I know that it's not very noble to point my blade at other fine members of royalty. But I'm afraid that we're all bound by contract. I hope you'll forgive me for what we must now do.

After Battle Edit

  • Roy: Your group is as strong as they say! But our contract is not yet broken. And so, I will see you again.

Part 5: Nobles of Binding Edit

Before Battle Edit

  • Roy: My friends, Prince Alfonse and his group have arrived. We must do our best to defeat them! How odd, that we can only be free of our contract if we fail to do so. Still, I will bring the full force of my sword. And you. Lilina, must unleash your fiercest flames!

After Battle Edit

  • Roy: You've more than proven that your power is superior to ours. Well done, Prince Alfonse. But I believe that I should give most of the credit to your talented tactician, Summoner! Now, farewell. May we all battle on the same side one day.

Scene transition

  • Anna: Excellent job, everyone. We have released the World of Binding from Veronica's contract.
  • Alfonse: That was our toughest battle yet. How are you holding up, Summoner?
  • Sharena: You seem pretty calm to me. Why, I'm boiling over! But that's probably just all this heat.
  • Anna: Every world has such different terrain than our own. Trees, ruins, lava... Tactician! Have any of these worlds been like your own?
  • Alfonse: I suppose we don't know much about your world. And how rude of us not to ask until now! What? Your world has buildings that scrape the sky? And what do you mean by "cars"? Like wagons...that run without horses...and are made of metal? Fascinating.
  • Anna: I've never seen a gateway that goes to such a world. Uh, what? You want to know how you'll get home, then? Details, details! Besides, you're one of us now. Our home is your home. So, let's head back!

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