Part 1: Birthright Trial Edit

Before Battle Edit

  • Ryoma: What's that, you say? My realm is being controlled by forces from another world? Preposterous! The Kingdom of Hoshido is protected from invasion by the power of our queen. I'm not sure how you got into Hoshido, but rest assured, my family and I will make sure you leave!

After Battle Edit

  • Ryoma: My friends, I underestimated the power of these strangers. We must retreat and regroup. For the sake of our people, we cannot let Hoshido fall into the hands of the invaders!

Part 5: Prince of Birthright Edit

Before Battle Edit

  • Ryoma: I'm surprised you made it this far. You've defeated my siblings and some of the best in Hoshido. But now I will stop you here at the cost of my own life, if necessary. I challenge one of you to single combat. How will you fare against the High Prince of Hoshido?

After Battle Edit

  • Ryoma: Why do I feel so...reinvigorated? Is it true what you said? We have been under someone's control? It's all so clear now. You've saved my kingdom—and rescued me and my retainers. You have my thanks.You also have my apologies for all we put you through, battling on behalf of the true enemy.

Scene transition

  • Anna: Excellent work, everyone. We managed to liberate the World of Birthright.
  • Alfonse: I have to admit that I was alarmed when he shouted about going into single combat. Thank goodness we were able to work around that wall. We should avoid any attempts to separate us!
  • Sharena: It was terrible, wasn't it? Being split up like that, I thought we might never see each other again! And...and... And I never EVER want to go through that again. Not like we did with our friend Zacharias.
  • Alfonse: Agreed, Sister.
  • Anna: I've asked you two not to dwell on Zacharias's disappearance. We did the best we could. But I suppose that we owe an explanation to our friend Summoner here. Some time ago, we lost a member of the Order of Heroes whose name was Zacharias. Zacharias was a bold fighter and great comrade. Then one day, he vanished during a battle. We've searched for him, but to no avail. Now, before we sink into despair, let's leave this be for now.

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