Part 1: Blazing Trial Edit

Before Battle Edit

  • Serra: Ah, we've been expecting you. You're the ones from another realm Lord Eliwood warned us about. I don't know what all the fuss is about. You don't look very impressive. Not compared to a renowned lady like me—or my vassals. Now, we will show you your place!

After Battle Edit

  • Serra: Yowch! What's the big idea, attacking little old me? You nasty brutes! I'm going to be gracious and bow out. But I'm going to be gracious and bow out. But I'm telling you, Lord Eliwood won't be as nice!

Part 5: Blazing Noblemen Edit

Before Battle Edit

  • Eliwood: It's time that I introduce myself. I am Eliwood of Pherae. We are obliged to battle you, given the contract that binds us. What is that? You have crossed paths with my son, Roy? How curious. Well, I'm sure that Roy will become a far better fighter than me in due time. But I promise to give you a battle that you'll never forget. Come now—let's begin.

After Battle Edit

  • Eliwood: You are truly powerful—and more so than we are. Fortunately, that frees us from the contract! Thank you. I hope that we will meet again under friendlier circumstances. And perhaps then Roy can fight alongside his old father. What a sight that would be!

Scene transition

  • Anna: What an accomplishment, freezing the World of Blazing! Well done, everyone.
  • Sharena: Is it just me, or do you seem a bit quiet, Summoner?
  • Anna: Perhaps, you're thinking about what troubles me, too. Our missing comrade, Zacharias. The further we get, the more it bothers me how Zacharias is nowhere to be found. I hate losing anyone, but it hits Alfonse and Sharena harder. They were all friends since childhood.
  • Alfonse: Zacharias was more than just a skilled lancer. He was kind and as loyal a friend as you can imagine. When he vanished, we split up in search of him, taking different gateways to different worlds. We looked everywhere. But we never found him, and he never returned. We even had the wild notion that Veronica had closed the gate to the world where we'd been battling. For how then could he ever come back by himself? Only we royals of Askr could open the way again. We went to that world most of all, searching and scouring, but... nothing. That was the World of Awakening. Perhaps we should look there once more—with you? You've helped us make so many gains since you arrived. I suggest that we give it one last try.

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