Part 1: Conquest Trial Edit

Before Battle Edit

  • Xander: So, you have come to battle us? This will be the second time you face my blade. We are all bound by a contract with Princess Veronica. And yet I am also bound in another way—by the deep loneliness I see in her eyes. She remains me of one of my siblings who was once held captive in a joyless fortress. Perhaps you can understand why I could never oppose her. Or perhaps you cannot. Either way, it's time that my family and I put an end to you. Camilla, Leo, and Elise—we battle now!

After Battle Edit

  • Xander: You have more talent than I thought. But now my family and I know what you can do. You will never survive the battles next to come—each of us, with our loyal retainers at our side!

Part 5: Prince of Conquest Edit

Before Battle Edit

  • Xander: How intriguing. You managed to battle your way to me. Princess Veronica said that the Order of Heroes had the advantage of a legendary summoner. Clearly, this is true. Still, we'll put a stop to you now. Laslow? Peri? Let's show them that we will not fall to their force.

After Battle Edit

  • Xander: You fought well. I admit defeat. This means that the contract that binds us is now broken. Those of my world are no longer compelled to fight you—or to invade the Askran Kingdom. But I choose to stay at the side of Princess Veronica. Next time we meet, I will defeat you.

Scene transition

  • Anna: How can a Hero like Xander choose to stay loyal to Veronica and the Emblian Empire?
  • Alfonse: There are Heroes who help the people of our world by their own free will. There is something about you that wins over Heroes very quickly, Summoner. But it's highly unusual and happens only rarely.
  • Sharena: Two of my best friends are Heroes! That's why they stay with us. I only wish I had more friends like them.
  • Alfonse: I've told you before, Sharena. Heroes are not friends. Only our allies. Don't get close to them.
  • Sharena: Oh, you. Don't be prickly. You think that only because you were once very close to a Hero. And THAT one left to go home.
  • Alfonse: Enough, Sharena.
  • Sharena: Well, am I right or not?
  • Anna: Let's speak of it no more. We should make our way back to the castle. Surely there's another mission that we need to prepare for.

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