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Wyvern Knight is a class that appears only in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. They specialize in using only Lances. Like their preceding class, Wyvern Knights are weak against Bows and Anti-Dragon weapons like the Dragonpike.

They have the Pierce ability, which allows the user to bypass the enemy's Defense when activated. This means if the effect happens, it will deal full damage onto the enemy unit (if a Steel Lance does 29 damage normally and you fight an enemy with 18 Defense, instead of dealing 11, you deal 29). Pierce may also be stacked with a Critical hit. This means the enemy takes three times the damage of the weapon's normal damage should this happen.

This ability makes them victims of a well-known glitch in The Sacred Stones which can cause the game to freeze when the user activates Pierce on the first hit, fails to kill the enemy and attacks a second time without the enemy retaliating. This glitch does not occur when battle animations are turned off and does not occur in the Japanese version of the game.

In The Sacred Stones, three characters can promote into a Wyvern Knight: Vanessa, Tana and Cormag, all three using an Elysian Whip at Level 10 or above. The Triangle Attack will still work, but only if the player has one Wyvern Knight and two Pegasus or Falcon Knights, plus the Wyvern Knight has to initiate the attack.

Maximum StatsEdit

  • HP: 60
  • Str: 25(M) 24(F)
  • Skl: 26(M) 27(F)
  • Spd: 28(M) 29(F)
  • Luck: 30
  • Def: 24(M) 23(F)
  • Res: 22(M) 23(F)

Notable Wyvern KnightsEdit


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