“A stone used to transform into a wyvern.”
—In-game description, New Mystery of the Emblem

The Wyvernstone (飛竜石 Hiryū ishi, lit. Flying Dragonstone) is a Dragonstone that appears in the Archanea Series of Fire Emblem. Infused with the compressed power of a Wyvern, the Wyvernstone allows a Manakete to assume the form of such a dragon, granting them numerous statistical bonuses that enable them to engage in combat in the process. Notably, the Wyvern specialises in Speed, exponentially increasing its user's ability to perform Double Attacks and dodge hostile blows.

In Mystery of the Emblem, only Tiki is able to harness the power of the Wyvernstone. In its remake, conversely, the Wyvernstone is treated as a weapon, allowing all Manaketes to draw upon its power for combat purposes.

Weapon DataEdit

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the EmblemEdit

Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
Flystone Flying Dragonstone 18 18,000 Book 2 only. Tiki only; allows its user to transform into a Wyvern.

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the EmblemEdit

Name Type

Flying stone Wyvernstone


Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Rng WEx Worth
- 30 15 85% 0 1 0 3,000

Manaketes only; grants them statistical bonuses of Str +5, Skl +4, Spd +7, Def +8* and Res +3*.

*Defense and Resistance can only increase to a maximum value of 30.

Item LocationsEdit

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the EmblemEdit

Method Location
Secret Shop Book 2: Ch. 14

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the EmblemEdit

Method Location
Secret Shop Ch. 14



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