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The capital of Ylisstol in the beginning of Chapter 2.

Ylisstol is the capital city of the Halidom of Ylisse and from where Queen Emmeryn rules as the Exalt. During the war against Plegia that takes place in Fire Emblem Awakening, Ylisstol was briefly conquered by the Plegian army, but was liberated after Ylisse won the war with the presumed death of Plegia's king, Gangrel.


The Shepherds reach Ylisstol, relieved that it was spared the calamity that took place west of the city the previous night. Following the beginning of Ylisse's war with Plegia, a group sought Emmeryn's assassination, but with help from Lucina, it was prevented.

The Future PastEdit

Tiki meets Lucina, saddened to report that Mount Prism has fallen to the Risen. Tiki is alarmed that Lucina has sent her friends out to search for the Gemstone and figures that Lucina wants to perform the Awakening Ceremony to end Grima. Knowing that only Exalted blood can perform the rite, Lucina is saddened by the fact that she cannot assist them or else risk their only chance of saving the world. Tiki offers to stay in Ylisse to help protect Lucina, but she senses an ill-presence and quickly pushes Lucina away, only for her to be stabbed by a mysterious figure, leaving her gravely wounded. Lucina tries to attack the hooded figure, but they escape. Lucina tries to go off and grab a stave to save Tiki's life. However, she tells her to save the stave for others who need it. Lucina says that she didn’t have to take the blow meant for her. Tiki, however, tells her that she finally understands what it’s like to give her life for others and will now be able to join her long departed friends. With her dying breath she entrusts Lucina with the task of bringing the peace that Marth fought for. Lucina stands above Ylisstol as Severa, Laurent, and Gerome return with Vert and the Fire Emblem, but Grima appears and taunts Lucina. Lucina prepares to fight Grima, but he casts a spell, severely weakening the four children. However, before Grima can deal the final blow, Chrom and his army warp in, ready to put an end to Grima.

After weakening Grima enough, the Grima-possessed Avatar regains enough control over their body and warps Chrom and his army out of their world, sending them back to Naga. The Avatar pleads with the last bit of their strength to finish them off, but cannot fight off the control of Grima much longer and is consumed by Grima's will. Grima goads Lucina that their future is still doomed, however Cynthia, Noire, Kjelle, and Nah arrive with Argent and Sable. Inigo, Owain, Brady, and Yarne arrive next with Azure and Gules. With the Five Gemstones and the Fire Emblem, Lucina is ready to perform the Awakening. Grima reveals that the Divine Dragon has been dead for ages, rendering the Awakening ritual impossible. Tiki then appears and tells Lucina to begin the ritual. Due to Mount Prism falling to Risen, the rite can be performed in Ylisstol, as Tiki's body lays in Ylisstol, making it the holiest place in the realm. Lucina performs the rite and is recognized by Tiki, giving her the power to defeat Grima once and for all. Grima prepares to stop Lucina at all costs, however he is unable to do so because the Avatar, deep inside, is using all of their willpower to keep Grima at bay. Lucina deals the final blow and Grima dies. The Avatar thanks Lucina for ending all the suffering they've caused. With the Fell Dragon's destruction finally at an end, the 12 children celebrate their victory.

Known people from YlisstolEdit



  • When comparing the world map of Awakening with the world map of the original Archanea Series titles, Ylisstol is fittingly located roughly in the same location as Pales, the capital of Archanea.

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