“Sure, right now... I'm still a kid, and I can't be a super-royal or anything. But... I'll do my best. Just watch! I'll grow up to be the most reliable man ever, so you won't ever need to worry!”
—Jubelo to Yuliya in New Mystery of the Emblem.

Jubelo (ユベロ Yubero, Yubello in the Japanese version) is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem and Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. He is the son of King Ludwik of Grust, and the twin brother of Yuliya.


Jubelo is the younger twin of Yuliya and around 13–14 years of age. Prior to the events of Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light and its remakes, when Dolhr began invading the continent, King Ludwik, fearing for his own safety, sent Jubelo and his sister away to Khadein to serve as hostages. Gharnef locked them away in a dark room, threatening to kill them if Grust betrayed Dolhr. The siblings were later rescued by Wendell, at which point they were on the brink of death, and were taken to a monastery in Macedon to recover.

During the events of Book 2 of Mystery of the Emblem and its remake, the twins are eventually taken into Lorenz's care, as he has dreams of restoring Grust's glory with Jubelo. After Grust is occupied by Archanea in Chapter 1, Lorenz attempts to protect the siblings from coming under harm by urging Ogma to lead them away to the safety of Wendell's abode in Macedon. However, this plan is foiled due to Yuliya's adamant refusal to leave his side out of concern over a grievous wound that he had sustained prior to the battle on the siblings' behalf, to which Lorenz reluctantly relents. Once Marth reaches Lorenz, Lorenz succumbs to his wound, his last request being for Marth to protect the children.

Despite Marth's protests, General Lang takes Jubelo and Yuliya away to have them executed. Before that can happen, Ogma rescues the children and leads them to Marth's army in Chapter 4, where he guides them from Wendell's home village in Holm Beach to the southeastern reaches of the region. The children then proceed to aid Marth in bringing the War of Heroes to an end.

Following the events of the game, Jubelo travels to Altea to hone his skills as a magic practitioner.


In contrast to Yuliya's confident and assertive character, Jubelo is timid and bashful. This fact is supported by his speech, where he constantly speaks in slow, halting lines, clearly indicating his self-doubt and lack of self-confidence. This is further amplified by Jubelo's tendency to make excuses to shirk his responsibilities, as is the case in his base conversations with Yuliya, where he initially attempts to evade the need to study.

In spite of these flaws, however, it is evident that Jubelo is aware of them, responding by making a concerted effort to correct them. This can be observed in his supports with the Avatar, where he willingly undergoes a strict training regime to strengthen himself.


Fire Emblem: Mystery of the EmblemEdit


Name Class Chapter Affiliation Recruit
Jubelo Mage 4 Grust Automatically from the start

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class
FE3 Male Mage Map Sprite Mage
Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Wlv Mov
1 18 1 1 6 5 3 3 6 6
Weapon Starting Items


Fire (FE3) Fire

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Skl Spd Lck Wlv Def Res
50% 50% 30% 40% 40% 60% 10% 3%

Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the EmblemEdit


Name Class Chapter Affiliation Recruit
Jubelo Mage 4 Grust Automatically from the start

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class
FEDS Mage (M) Map SpriteMage
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov
1 18 0 1 1 6 5 3 3 6
Weapon Starting Items

FE12 TomeTome - D


Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
50% 0% 50% 40% 50% 50% 20% 20%

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
50% 0% 40% 40% 55% 50% 20% 30%

Support ConversationsEdit

Number Importance Name Chapters Needed Reward
130 * Jubelo and The Avatar 1 3 -
131 * Jubelo and The Avatar 2 6 -
132 * Jubelo and The Avatar 3 10 Magic Bond
319 * Yuliya and Jubelo 1 3 -
320 * Yuliya and Jubelo 2 6 -
321 * Yuliya and Jubelo 3 10 Resistance Bond
  • To obtain the conversations, characters must participate in chapters together
  • The requirements for unlocking support conversations are separate from the support bonus system

Support BonusEdit

Character Conversations Total points for
Yuliya 1, 2, 3 3 6 10
Sirius None 5 11 18

Supported by

Character Conversations Total points for
The Avatar 1, 2, 3 5 11 18
Yuliya 1, 2, 3 5 11 18
Ogma None 5 11 18
  • To increase support levels, characters must participate in chapters together
  • One support point is gained for each chapter they both participate in
  • A hyphen (-) indicates the support level cannot be reached
  • Characters must be within a three tile radius of each other to receive support bonuses

Bonuses per level:


Jubelo has typical stats for a mage, except he trades some resistance for some luck and some skill for some speed. Everything else is pretty balanced, so he can be a pretty useful mage early on. Particular attention must be paid when raising Jubelo, however, as his base stats are far from satisfactory; his balanced growths may potentially cripple him instead of substantially improving him with time.

In Mystery of the Emblem, Jubelo is much more useful, mainly due to having one the highest strength growths in the game, and the highest among mages (in that game strength also works like magic).

Death quotesEdit

“Yuliya... I’m sorry...”
—Death quote from Monshō no Nazo


Mystery of the EmblemEdit

Grustian Prince Jubelo

"Overseen by King Marth, he studied hard at Altea."

New Mystery of the EmblemEdit

Timid Prince

"Under King Marth's tutelage, Jubelo studied diligently at Altea."


Jubelo is a name belonging to one of the killers of Hiram Abiff.

The fan translated name Yubello is a mistranslation of Jubelo.


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