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“Well, you're awfully kind to her, Xeno. Love at first sight?”
—Yuni, teasing Xeno for being nice to Katri

Yuni (ユニ Yuni) is a playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. She is a fourteen-year-old thief who has an outgoing and energetic personality. Although she appears to be carefree, she is deeply troubled by her tragic past. Depending on events triggered during the storyline, she can become the love interest of Xeno.


On her 13th birthday, Yuni witnessed the deaths of her parents and three younger sisters at the hands of the Istorian army. As a result of her trauma, she began dressing herself in masculine clothing and deliberately dirtying her skin. Some time later, she was accepted into the Sea Lion Pirates led by Holmes after she begged in tears.

Early in the game, she teases Xeno for being kind to Katri when they first meet her. In this scene, Yuni offers to take Katri to see the flowers on the mountainside. After Katri runs away from the group, Yuni and Xeno begin searching for her. They soon enter a battle against hundreds of monsters and find Katri in the form of Neuron. After Runan comes to their aid and helps them defeat the monsters, she and Xeno safely bring Katri back to Holmes. If she is sent with Holmes after the first route split, she will meet Lyria after Map 15 and gift her with the ☆Strength Staff.

During the second intermission, Yuni will be offered milk by a slave trader. If she refuses to accept it, she will leave and the slave trader will capture Lyria instead. However, if she drinks it, she will fall unconscious, leaving her to be kidnapped by the trader, who changes her into the clothing of a dancer. Fortunately, she is rescued by Xeno, and once she wakes up, she notices her new outfit and jumps to the conclusion that he changed her into it. Before he can explain what happened, she runs away and begins crying while exclaiming that she hates him. Later, she realizes that she was wrong, apologizes to Xeno, and thanks him for saving her.

In the ending, she will begin traveling alone if the aforementioned event did not occur. However, if it did occur, she will stay with Xeno, remove the dirt from her skin, and dress herself in feminine clothing once again.



Automatically from the start of Map 8.

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class Group
Thief F (TS) Thief TS group mercenary Mercenary
Level HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Def Wlv Mov
1 18 1 2 7 12 7 0 6 5
Skills Weapon Starting Items

TS Steal Steal
TS Picklock Picklock
Frontier Frontier Fighter (Lv 12)
TS Continue Continue (Lv 28)
TS Charisma Charisma (Lv 35)

TS SwordSword

TS Short SwordShort Sword
Gold BagGold Bag

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Wlv Def Mov
35% 0% 20% 45% 40% 35% 25% 5% 0%


Overview Edit

She is a terrible fighter and is outclassed by the other thieves in terms of survivability and useability, though she can deal really good damage with Thunder Swords. However, the Steal skill allows her to steal weapons and items from enemies that you would not be able to get otherwise. While Yuni is the only thief for a while, Holmes can easily work as a lock-picker, and chest keys are not too hard to come by. In terms of skillset, she can learn Charisma and Frontier Fighter, both of which can be useful. However, you need to grind for her to learn them, and she also needs a Super Proof to learn Charisma. Use Yuni if you want, but you do not need to.

Trivia Edit

  • Yuni is one of the few non-magic using characters in the series to have a 0% strength growth.


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