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Yuzu (ユズ) is an original character created for the trading card game Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher). She is a shy young samurai serving in the Hoshido army.

In Series 4 she joins Tsubasa's Archanean army, in opposition to her friends Emma and Shade.

In Series 7 she joins Ryoma's Hoshidan army, opposing her friend Lando.

In Series 8 she joins Chrom's Ylissean army, alongside Lando.

Yuzu makes her video game debut as a DLC character in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.


Yuzu has trained in the arts of combat from an early age and is keen to prove her skills. And while she’s well-versed in combat, she can be a little socially awkward.

Appearances Edit

Yuzu appears in the following cards:

Uses Edit

Yuzu is one of the more interesting Cipher characters. Her Series 3 Samurai N card gives a +10 ATK on your turn if you have any Black Units Deployed, making her an okay Main Character for an all-Black deck despite the fact that her N card is White.

Her Swordsmaster HN card can allow you an unavoidable strike, but at the cost of Yuzu automatically destroying herself at the end of the battle. However, due to Cipher cards making a distinction between being Destroyed and being Destroyed by battle, you may safely use this Skill with a Main Character Yuzu without losing an Orb every time you make your attack unavoidable. Her Swordmaster also gives her an extra 10 ATK when you have one or no Orbs left, meaning she plays decently well when on the ropes. However, she only hits 70 ATK with the extra boost from being so close to defeat, making her somewhat lackluster in the early stages of games.

Her Red Sniper HN card is somewhat of a supportive card, allowing you to move an enemy Unit when she defeats a foe while Supported by a Bow/Shuriken Unit, and draw a card when she defeats a foe while Supported by a Tome/Staff Unit, making her a decent back row choice in Archer, Ninja, or Mage decks.

Her Red Hero HN, meanwhile, has more of an attacker focus, as she gains an extra 10 ATK whenever she's Supported by a Sword, Lance, or Axe Unit, and allows you to move an Ally Unit when she defeats a foe while being Supported by a Flier or Rider Unit. This makes her a good choice for Pegasus Knight decks as she will hit 100 ATK whenever she is Supported by a Pegasus Knight, however, it is likely that she will be the only real attacker in such decks barring Triangle Attackers.

Her Series 7 Master Ninja card activates its effect the first time each turn you deploy a Shuriken Unit, giving a +10 ATK boost to both herself and the Deployed Unit, meaning she can be played in Shuriken decks with fairly good results. Her S7 Dread Fighter card is also geared toward Shuriken decks, with a CCS +10 ATK while you have all other Units Untapped, giving her a decent ATK power in an otherwise lower-ATK deck, and a Skill making her be treated as a 1-2 Range Shuriken Unit for the turn if you Tap an ally Shuriken Unit.

In the end, with fairly decent cards all around and a Color Pool better than her Cipher-Exclusive contemporaries, Yuzu is arguably the best of the four Cipher characters.


Yuzu is a citrus fruit and plant originating in East Asia.

Trivia Edit


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