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With IlyanaEdit

C SupportEdit

  • Zihark: Uh...Ilyana? What are you staring at?
  • Ilyana: Oh? Er... The bag on your hip.
  • Zihark: It's nothing special. I just carry a vulnerary and some snacks in there. Why? Is there something wrong with it?
  • Ilyana: Oooh... It smells delicious...
  • Zihark: Really? That's odd. It's just some dried meat.
  • Ilyana: Dried meat! So...savory... I'm know. I'm hungry.
  • Zihark: You're hungry? But I just saw you shoveling down some roast rabbit a few minutes ago! You may look frail, but you can sure throw down the chow! Well, I'm off. Talk to you later!
  • Ilyana: Oh...good-bye.
  • Ilyana: What am I going to do? I should have told him I'm starving and nearly ready to collapse from hunger pains. Maybe then he would have given me some of his delicious-smelling snacks. I need food!

B SupportEdit

  • Ilyana: Er... Hello...
  • Zihark: Hello, Ilyana. You're hungry again, aren't you?
  • Ilyana: No. Maybe. Fine...yes. I'm starving!
  • Zihark: How can you possibly eat so much and still be hungry? Last night you swiped the chicken wing right out of my hands! Does casting a few spells really make you that hungry?
  • Ilyana: To be honest, I don't know why I'm so hungry. I'm never full. I always get hungry as soon as I eat. Normally, I eat about as much food as five people. Today was tough because I only got enough food for three.
  • Zihark: What?! That's just...incredible! That sounds like a serious problem. Well...good luck with that.
  • Ilyana: Er... Excuse me? Can you wait for a moment?
  • Zihark: What?
  • Ilyana: Er... Haven't you forgotten something?
  • Zihark: Now, let me think... Nope! Didn't forget anything.
  • Ilyana: mistake, then.
  • Zihark: See you later!
  • Ilyana: ... Everyone gave me something to eat but him...

A SupportEdit

  • Ilyana: Oh...
  • Zihark: Hi, Ilyana. I'm bumping into you all over the place these days.
  • Ilyana: Yes, you're right. ...
  • Zihark: What's wrong? You look a little... different today.
  • Ilyana: Really? How so?
  • Zihark: Yes, definitely. You're looking cuter than usual.
  • Ilyana: Really?!
  • Zihark: Yeah, definitely a little cuter.
  • Ilyana: ...
  • Zihark: You're hungry, though. I can tell from the feral look in your eyes.
  • Ilyana: Feral?! Excuse me?
  • Zihark: You're a bit of a celebrity among the men in the unit. They say you lure them in with your cute face and then run off with their snacks.
  • Ilyana: They do?
  • Zihark: Oh, yes they do! You're a beef jerky thief, aren't you? I know about the apple pie incident, too. Yeah... I know your tricks. Is it true that you don't remember their names, even after they buy you an expensive meal? That's just terrible.
  • Ilyana: No! It's just that... I collapse into a coma when I get too hungry! That's why I've got to accept everyone's generous food offers.
  • Zihark: Then at least remember their names! Even if you had ulterior motives, everyone likes... Er... Is kind to you.
  • Ilyana: Sorry...
  • Zihark: Don't apologize to me. You didn't take my apple tart.
  • Ilyana: All right.
  • Zihark: Well, shall we get going?
  • Ilyana: Pardon me?
  • Zihark: You're hungry, right? I feel bad about preaching to you, so this dinner is on me.
  • Ilyana: Are you sure?
  • Zihark: I'm sure. I can't have you going hungry on me. However, I'm not rich. All I can afford is two dinners.
  • Ilyana: That' kind. That should be enough. I'm so happy! Oh, thank you so much... Um... Er... Ike? No, wait! Um... Bill? Lance? Sword guy?
  • Zihark: Zihark.
  • Ilyana: Zihark! Oh, I really appreciate it...

With BromEdit

C SupportEdit

  • Brom: Hmm...? Hey, what are you doing?
  • Zihark: Hi, Brom. I'm just fixing my shoulder guard. See? It's starting to rip right here.
  • Brom: Oh, yeah. You don't want to go into battle like that! This one time, I had a... Hey! How do you know my name?
  • Zihark: Hm? Oh, I'm just good at remembering names and faces. Natural talent, I suppose. Sorry if I got a little fresh with you! Let me introduce myself. I'm Zihark. How do you do, Brom?
  • Brom:: Howdy! Nice to meet you! Fixing a shoulder guard is tough work. What do you do when you're not at war? You work in leather?
  • Zihark: Nope. Just a swordsman.
  • Brom: Huh...I didn't know swordsmen could fix something like this. That's quite a skill!
  • Zihark: I taught myself. Mercenaries don't make good money, you know. I can't afford to visit a tradesman... And...done! All right, that should hold.
  • Brom: Wow... Isn't that something? I have to teach my youngest son how to do that!
  • Zihark: How many children do you have, Brom?
  • Brom: I've got five sons and three daughters. In oldest girl is just about your age.
  • Zihark: I figured you would have lots of children.
  • Brom: How did you figure that?
  • Zihark: Just look at you, Brom. You're a big man with a big heart. The perfect daddy!
  • Brom: Y-you think so? Oh, stop! You're embarrassing me!

B SupportEdit

  • Brom: Howdy, Zihark. I had a good time with you the other day.
  • Zihark: Heya, Brom! You're quite the talker! You made me laugh the whole time. I haven't had such a fun meal in a long time.
  • Brom: Aw, shucks! That makes me happy that I invited you out.
  • Zihark: Oh, yeah. This is my share. Take it.
  • Brom: Don't worry about it. I invited you, remember? It's on me.
  • Zihark: I can't let you do that, big guy. You invited me on short notice, and I didn't have any cash on me. But today I'm ready, so let me pay for my half.
  • Brom: Well, even if you want to, I don't even remember how much I paid.
  • Zihark: The total came to four fifty. I'll give you two and a quarter, and we can call it even.
  • Brom: Well, aren't you a fine young man! You've got a good memory, and you can do math!
  • Zihark: That's just my nature. Most mercenaries are basically lazy and sloppy... I think I drive them crazy.
  • Brom: Nah. That just makes you even more of a true man! I bet you're pretty popular with the young lasses, eh? Eh?!
  • Zihark: Um...not...really. It would take an... eccentric girl to love a guy like me.
  • Brom: I tell you, Zihark, sometimes I don't get this world. I mean, even a simpleton like me has a family!
  • Zihark: Ha! I'm telling you, Brom, you're a good man. Trust me on this one.
  • Brom: Oh, I have an idea! And it's a humdinger! You should marry my daughter!
  • Zihark: Um... Er... I should what?
  • Brom: I don't mean to sound like a proud poppa, but they're all great girls! And if I like you this much, I'm sure that my daughters will like you, too.
  • Zihark: Heh... Hey, enough with the jokes, Brom...
  • Brom: How about it? I think you'd be a great match for the oldest one! You're both the same age!
  • Zihark: Oh, boy...

A SupportEdit

  • Brom: So, anyway... My oldest girl is well built! Actually, she's about my size. But don't worry! She can still work the fields like a man! I'm sure you'll love her!
  • Zihark: Um...she sounds...lovely.
  • Brom: Stop giving me such halfhearted answers and start listening! I'm talking about the girl who is going to be your future wife!
  • Zihark: Brom, listen... I didn't tell you this the other day, but... I have no intentions of getting married now.
  • Brom: What? Aw, shucks! Why not?
  • Zihark: I had... I had an important girlfriend before. We couldn't be together because of...complicated reasons... But even now I still think about her. I can't get her out of my mind. I appreciate your kindness, but... Anyway, that's why.
  • Brom: I see. That's a real shame...
  • Zihark: But I tell you what! The idea of joining your family was quite appealing.
  • Brom: Hmm... Then how about my second-oldest girl?! She's a little younger, but don't let that worry you too much! She's a sweetheart, I tell ya! Why, once when the cow got loose, she lifted it right up and hauled it back...
  • Zihark: No! Wait! That isn't what I meant... Aw, nuts.

With MuarimEdit

C SupportEdit

  • Zihark: That's strange. I could swear I had it just a second ago. Where did I put...
  • Muarim: Something wrong?
  • Zihark: Oh, Muarim. No, not really. I just... I seem to have lost my sword powder.
  • Muarim: Sword powder?
  • Zihark: It's used to maintain swords. Swords rust quickly if you don't take care of them. A little powder, a little oil, and a little scrubbing does the trick.
  • Muarim: Does it come in a small bag attached to a stick?
  • Zihark: Yeah, that's it! Did you pick it up?
  • Muarim: No, but...I have seen it before. I did not know that was its name.
  • Zihark: Hm. Well, it doesn't look like I dropped it anywhere around here. Maybe I lost it when we were marching... Ah, well. Maybe Commander Ike will have some he can share.
  • Muarim: Being a beorc has its troubles, does it not?
  • Zihark: You said it. You know, it's times like these I really envy you laguz. You've always got your weapons, and they're always at the ready.
  • Muarim: ...

B SupportEdit

  • Muarim: Zihark.
  • Zihark: Oh, Muarim. What brings you here?
  • Muarim: Did you find the sword powder?
  • Zihark: Unfortunately, no. I'll need to replace it, I think. I hate to keep borrowing from the others.
  • Muarim: Can you use this?
  • Zihark: What's this? Oh, wow... This sword powder looks expensive... You're a laguz. How did you come to have this?
  • Muarim: Force of habit.
  • Zihark: I don't follow you.
  • Muarim: I was once a slave. The nobleman who was my master made me sharpen his blades for him. I was quite adept at it. He would bring them to me unannounced. If I did not have the proper materials to sharpen his swords, he would beat me. I still do not feel comfortable unless I have these materials near me.
  • Zihark: I'm sorry to have brought up such a painful memory.
  • Muarim: It is in the past now. Would you like me to sharpen your sword?
  • Zihark: Thank you, but a true swordsman takes care of his own blade. I appreciate your offer, though.
  • Muarim: Then at least take this powder. I no longer have any use for it.
  • Zihark: Muarim... Thanks. You saved me. I'm not just saying this out of gratitude, but...would you care to join me for dinner?
  • Muarim: I would like that very much.

A SupportEdit

  • Zihark: Muarim.
  • Muarim: What is it, Zihark?
  • Zihark: I picked this for you.
  • Muarim: This is...
  • Zihark: I've heard the beast tribes are fond of the leaves of this kind of herb. It's fairly uncommon, but I've learned how to spot it.
  • Muarim: Um...
  • Zihark: I picked the wrong herb, didn't I?
  • Muarim: No, no... It's fine. Unfortunately, it is not something that we tigers have a nose for.
  • Zihark: Oh... I didn't know that. Sorry. An old girlfriend of mine loved the scent of it. I guess I just assumed that all laguz liked the smell as much as she did.
  • Muarim: You...were involved with a laguz?
  • Zihark: Yeah.
  • Muarim: That is very uncommon. I've heard stories of love affairs between beorc and laguz. It must have been difficult. I do not imagine either society would have accepted it with ease.
  • Zihark: It...was too much for her. We couldn't be married, and the pressure was too much for her to stay with me. But I've never loved another woman. To this day, I think that I never shall.
  • Muarim: Can I have that bundle of herbs?
  • Zihark: What? But I thought...
  • Muarim: It has no effect on me, it's true, but I accept the gesture of kindness you have shown in bringing it to me. And I apologize for bringing up a painful memory of your own.
  • Zihark: Thanks. You're very kind. Heh. I guess that makes us even, doesn't it?

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