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Zoa is a location from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. It is a region that was once ruled by the native Zoan people, who traditionally worshiped the fabled Dark God Gerxel. The Zoans quickly became in conflict with the settlers from the continent of Jugd who had come to establish a settlement. The Zoans have been persecuted by the settlers and their descendants from Reeve for centuries. As a result of this, many of them desire to kill everyone who is not Zoan. Until five years prior to the story, it consisted of two kingdoms (Canaan and Barge).

After Kalbazan drank the blood of Princess Miradona and became the dark dragon known as Gerxel, the Zoa Empire was established. The newly-established empire began to conquer the continent of Lieberia, enslaving and killing everyone who did not worship Gerxel. Eventually, the empire was destroyed by the hero Garlon and the heroine Utna, who worked together to slay Gerxel. Afterwards, the Zoans formed the Gerxel Church, a cult scheming to resurrect Gerxel and restore the fallen empire, and eventually created the Theocracy of Gerxel.

Twenty years before the story begins, King Bahanuke of Canaan declared war on the Gerxel Church in order to preserve peace on Lieberia. However, Bahanuke later signed a treaty with the church after he was seduced by his beloved concubine, Karla, who was a witch of Zoa sent by Gwenchaos to manipulate him. As a result of the treaty, Canaan united with the Theocratic State of Gerxel and invaded Barge, and the three combined into the reborn Zoa Empire.

During the game, the Gerxel Church is led by Gwenchaos, who seeks to resurrect Gerxel to destroy humanity. The Zoans, unaware of his true intentions, follow Gwenchaos because they believe that he will create a world where they do not have to suffer from prejudice.

Notable Characters of Zoan HeritageEdit

  • Karla - A witch from the Zoa Empire posing as Bahanuke's concubine.
  • Zeek - A dark knight of the Zoa Empire and Karla's younger brother.
  • Shigen - A member of the Sea Lion Pirates and Karla's son.
  • Sierra - A witch who defected from the Zoa Empire and Shigen's friend.
  • Yoda - The renowned Dark Swordmaster of Zoa and Julia's father.
  • Julia - The daughter of Yoda and Shigen's adopted sister.
  • Temsin - A former soldier of Zoa who is now the king of Arial.

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