Zoa (ゾーア Zōa) refers to an ethnic group and location from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. The region is on the continent of Lieberia whose eponymous original inhabitants have many descendants, both full-blooded and those who are mixed with other races.


The people of Zoa are the natives of the northern area of Lieberia. After Princess Miradona of the extinct Emiyu race arrived to sleep within the earth there, her four servants told the Zoans about the fabled dark god Gerxel, whom they made up to keep them from disturbing her. However, this instead resulted in the Zoans coming to the underground temple in which Miradona slept to worship Gerxel, around whom an entire religion eventually developed.

When settlers from the continent of Jugd (a reference to Jugdral) came to establish a settlement in Lieberia, the people of Zoa quickly came into conflict with them. Fearing the growing power of the settlers, the Zoans launched an attack against the newly-established Republic of Reeve, beginning a war between the two sides. After the Reevan official Denoas conquered all of the native clans, the Zoan leader Kalbazan drank the sleeping Miradona's blood and became the dark dragon known as Gerxel. Afterwards, he established the Zoa Empire and attempted to conquer all of Lieberia. However, the empire was destroyed by the hero Garlon and the heroine Utna, who worked together to slay Gerxel.

Lazberian Zoans Edit

After the fall of the Zoa Empire, a group of Zoan pilgrims who had been loyal to the Zoa Empire fled Lieberia for fear of persecution. Departing for the uncharted seas, they eventually landed in Lazberia. As they were far more technologically advanced than the native populations there, they easily conquered a massive area, founding the Lazberian Empire. About a millennium later, the Lazberian Imperial Capital was swallowed into the Sea of Berre due to a massive earthquake, killing nearly all of the Zoans on the continent, as they had isolated themselves in the city away from the lower-class common slaves.

In the era of Berwick Saga, the surviving descendants of the Lazberian Zoans are usually clergy of one of the two gods (Raze and Veria). They can be identified by their ability to use magic; magic was unknown in Lazberia before the arrival of the Zoans, and only those with Zoan blood are capable of using it.

Lieberian Zoans Edit

For the next generations, the Zoans who remained in Lieberia were confined to Zoa Valley and Il Island. After the destruction of Leda, the Zoans residing in the valley began a large-scale revolution with Gwenchaos as their leader. They eventually formed the Theocracy of Gerxel, consisting of several areas in Leda. Thirty five years prior to the game's events, the Zoans on Il Island, led by Yoda, revolted against Reeve and defeated many of the armies it sent to stop them. When the Gerxel Church under Pontiff Gwenchaos began to threaten the peace on Lieberia, King Bahanuke of Canaan declared war on it. In response, Gwenchaos sent the young witch Karla to become Bahanuke's concubine and manipulate him. Many years later, Bahanuke invaded the neighboring Kingdom of Barge, as well as Reeve. He also signed a peace treaty with the Gerxel Church and declared the restoration of the Zoa Empire.

Eventually, the four heroes (Runan, Holmes, Sennet, and Tia) rise up against the Zoa Empire and begin interfering with the Gerxel Church's schemes. Some time after the fall of Canaan, Sennet declares the dissolution of the Zoa Empire.


The people of Zoa were initially divided into clans. The clan leaders, known as Diabolists, conducted the education and sacrificial rituals. Unlike the Jugdians, who had an advanced civilization, the Zoans were barbaric. They have traditionally worshiped the mythical dark god Gerxel, who is said to incinerate all non-believers and cowards with its purgatorial flames. Due to the teachings of Gerxel that permit only Zoans to exist, they are aggressive towards all outsiders. For generations, the Zoans have been persecuted by the people of Reeve, who hunt and publicly burn them at the stake.

Known People from Zoa (in Lieberia)Edit

Gerxel ChurchEdit

  • Karla - A witch of Zoa posing as Bahanuke's concubine.
  • Zeek - A dark knight of Zoa and Karla's younger brother.
  • Dagon - A cruel and powerful priest of the Gerxel Church.
  • Doruk - A priest of the Gerxel Church attempting to capture Katri.
  • Mahoba - The Demon Summoner of the Gerxel Church.
  • Bal - A priest of the Gerxel Church guarding the ☆Seiken Salia.
  • Nefka - A priest of the Gerxel Church guarding the ☆Seiken Reeve.
  • Ebrel - A priest of the Gerxel Church who is ordered to stop Runan's army.

Il IslandEdit

  • Yoda - The Dark Swordmaster of Zoa leading Il Island's residents.
  • Julia - The daughter of Yoda and Shigen's adopted sister.
  • Shigen - One of the Sea Lion Pirates and Karla's son, born as Theo.


  • Sherra - A witch who defected from Zoa and a friend of Shigen.
  • Temzin - A former soldier of Zoa who is now the king of Arial.

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