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Zofia (South, labeled "Sofia")

Not related or to be confused with Sophia, a character from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.

Zofia (ソフィア王国 Sofia Ōkoku lit. Kingdom of Sofia in the Japanese version) is one of the two kingdoms of the continent of Valentia. Its people worship the Earth Goddess Mila, who blesses the lands and allows crops to grow. The Temple of Mila was built towards the north of the kingdom. During Fire Emblem Gaiden, the royal family was wiped out by General Desaix, with Princess Anteze as the only survivor.

Notable LocationsEdit

Known ZofiansEdit

  • Liprica - Late queen of Zofia
  • Anteze - Princess of Zofia
  • Desaix - A treacherous knight of Zofia.
  • Mycen - A Zofian general.
  • Mathilda - A Zofian knight.
  • Lukas - A member of the liberation army.
  • Gray - A Villager from Ram Village.
  • Tobin - A Villager from Ram Village.
  • Kliff - A Villager from Ram Village
  • Silque - A sweet-tempered sister of Mila who was kidnapped by thieves.
  • Clair - A knight of Zofia, but was captured by Desaix's men. Clive's sister.
  • Clive - The original leader of the Zofia Liberation Army, and the brother of Clair.
  • Python - Guard of the Zofia Liberation Army camp headquarters. Works directly under Clive.
  • Forsyth - Clive's subordinate in the Zofia Liberation Army.
  • Boey - An eager young apprentice Mage who is devoted to Celica's protection.
  • Mae - A young yet skilled mage who joins Celica's group.
  • Nomah - The wise Sage who trained and raised Celica.
  • Genny - A Cleric that works at the same shrine that Celica has lived and trained at.

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